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The archbishop of Washington Vyurl retired because of scandal with pedophilia - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

VATICAN, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti, Sergey Startsev. The Pope Francis accepted resignation of the American cardinal Donald Vyurl from a post of the archbishop of Washington which he held since May, 2006, the service of the press of the Holy See.© reported on Friday AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino Pope Francis defrocked the pedophile priest from Chiliimya of the prominent church hierarch of the USA repeatedly was mentioned in the course of the resonant investigation made by the Grand jury of Pennsylvania in connection with numerous cases of sexual harassments concerning minors from clergy in Catholic parishes of this American state. Vyurl from February, 1988 to June, 2006 was the bishop of the second-large city of Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh. According to indications of a number of witnesses, occupying episcopal department, it covered many priests who soiled themselves pedophilia. The scandalous report on sexual violence of representatives of clergy the Grand jury of Pennsylvania where more than 1,5 million Catholics live, published in the middle of August. The volume of more than 1300 pages follows from the text of this document that for nearly 70 years more than 300 priests were involved in sexual crimes against children. More than one thousand people became their victims. However, the limitation period on the majority of these crimes already expired. © RIA Novosti In the USA was told about concealment of the pedophilia facts by Vatican among the svyashchennikovposl of the publication of the report the official representative of Vatican said that the Holy See feels "shame and pain" in communication by charge of priests of the USA of pedophilia. On August 20 the father Francis in special "The message to the God's people" issued a severe condemnation of sexual violence against minors from Catholic priests, having called for repentance and eradication of this phenomenon from life of church. According to the pontiff, this crime "generates deep wounds of pain and powerlessness, first of all, in the victims, but also and in their relatives, and in all community, among believers and non-believers". It is remarkable that the cardinal Theodor Makkerrik was Vyurl's predecessor on a post of the archbishop of Washington. In June it was discharged by the Holy See of service after charges to the hierarch of sexual harassments to minors were recognized by the church authorities "plausible and reasonable". On July 27 Makkerrik was forced to submit to the father Francis the resignation from a post of the member of Pontifical board which was satisfied. The pontiff ordered to the ex-cardinal to spend the life rest in repentance and prayers.



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