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The American zoologists have found "competitors" of a goat of Timur and a tiger of Cupid - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov – RIA Novosti. Naturalists have found on one of the thrown farms in the State of South Carolina couple of unusually amicable animals — an ostrich emu and the donkey who has received nicknames Diana and Jack. As well as well-known a tiger Cupid and a goat Timur, they became one more rare example of "trans-species friendship" of animals, Live Science.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Ankov reports to Pass into an image bank of the Trestle Timur has chosen a tiger of Cupid instead of eight pretenders in "bride" "They like to embrace and even sleep together. Now we try to find him the constant trustee or the owner, however it will be not so simple to make it" — Jennifer Gordon, one of the ecologists working in Department of protection of wild birds of the State of Carolina (USA) notes. Any person who was attending school or simply going outside well knows that many living beings can enter symbiosis — "to cooperate" with representatives of other types and to derive from this benefit. For example, flowers allow bees to drink the nectar in exchange for pollen, and polyps actinium protect small fishes from predators in exchange for "fertilizers" and protection against parasites. On the other hand, the true friendship among animals, especially never contacting to the person, actually never develops in the nature. There are also exceptions, each of which became a subject of attention of all users of network and thousands of scientists worldwide. The striking example of it is friendship of a goat of Timur and a tiger of Cupid from the Seaside safari park. The relations between a predator and its alleged victim have begun at the end of fall of 2015 when the goat was brought into the open-air cage to a tiger as a lunch. © Photo: The seaside Safari park / Anton Fedoseyev Sons of a tiger of Cupid and a goat Timur couldn't подружитьсяТимур has fought back a predator, and has even taken a berth of a tiger because of what that had to sleep on a roof of the dwelling. Then they have made friends, and have begun to walk in the general park together in the afternoon. Thanks to it Timur and the Cupid became favourites of the Internet, having collected several million viewings on YouTube. In several months of the relation between animals have deteriorated, and now they live in different open-air cages. Later fans of the nature have discovered other similar vapors of animals in zoos and national parks of Britain and some countries of Africa. Gordon and her colleagues have opened the next "competitors" of Cupid and Timur belonging not only to different families, but also classes of living beings, having gone to an expedition to the thrown farm whose owners have suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago. Their neighbors have asked to evacuate all animals living on these grounds – several dozens of hens, dogs, cats and also a donkey and an ostrich emu. When ecologists have transported them on the base and have begun to distribute four-footed and biped inhabitants of a farm on cages, they have faced Jack and Diana's extremely unusual behavior. © RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresensky to Pass the Seaside safari park into an image bank will transfer to persons interested posterity of a goat of Timuraoba of animals have begun to show signs of concern while rescuers have tried to part them on separate cages.



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