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The ambassador of the USA called a protest action in the capital of Moldova manifestation of democracy - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

CHISINAU, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. The ambassador of the USA in Moldova James Pettit called holding a protest action by opposition manifestation of democracy and was glad that the action has taken place peacefully. "I think that today we listened to sounds of democracy and independence. The fact that the area was surrounded by police it is normal process. Yesterday we saw that the protest was peace, and I consider it the most important" — Sputnik / Miroslav Rotar Pereyti in an image bank has said to Pettit to journalists.© the Police has dispersed protesters in the Kishinevaorganizatorami center of a protest action in Chisinau party "the Advantage and Truth Platform (PDA), Action and Solidarity party (PAS) and the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) have acted. The day before more than 6,5 thousand people have participated in a meeting, part of them remained to spend the night in the center of Chisinau. In the resolution adopted on Sunday, protesters have stated the main requirements: resignation of the prime minister Paweê Phillip, recognition of elections of the mayor of Chisinau, cancellation of the law on tax amnesty, the termination of political recognition of opposition, continuation of investigation of theft of one billion euros from banks of the country and prosecution of all guilty persons. In the morning on Monday protesters have been dispersed by police officers. They have been pushed aside by cordons from the area of the Grand National Assembly and Shtefan chel Mare's monument where passed a flower-laying ceremony officials and a parade of national suits. Protesters have catcalled both politicians, and adults with children who have passed in ranks of a parade. After completion of official actions of participants of a protest have let to a monument where they could leave flowers.© Sputnik / Miroslav Rotar Pereyti in an image bank the President of Moldova has condemned protests in stolitsedosrochny elections of the mayor in the capital of Moldova took place in two stages, the second round has taken place on June 3. According to the CEC, the candidate from the party "the Advantage and Truth Platform to Nestasa, collected 52,57% of votes became the winner. The highest trial chamber finally recognized on June 25 elections as invalid because of propaganda in the election day, and the Central Election Commission cancelled on June 29 results of vote. In response to it the opposition has created "Committee of national resistance" and has promised to arrange protests until requirements of the people are fulfilled. Earlier supporters said to Nestasa that they intend to continue protest actions until their requirements aren't fulfilled. The internal political situation in Moldova has already led to the fact that the European Parliament has decided to suspend all planned payments within macrofinancial aid to the republic.



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