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The ambassador of Pakistan has presented a carpet to the saved climber to Gukovo - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. The ambassador of Pakistan in Russia Kazi Halilulla has told RIA Novosti that on Wednesday I have met the saved Russian climber Alexander Gukov and has presented him a handmade Pakistani carpet. © Photo: Alexander Gukov's page on social network VKontakte Kak in the mountains of Pakistan saved the climber from Rossiirany in August in the press service of Emercom of Russia have reported RIA Novosti that the Russian climber Alexander Gukov who was injured in Pakistan by plane was brought to Moscow. "The purpose of a visit to hospital was in meeting Mr. Gukov and to personally give the best wishes, to wish the speedy recovery and long years of life" — the ambassador of Pakistan has told. According to him, the Pakistani military have made seven attempts to save the climber from Russia, but because of bad weather it managed to be made only from the eighth time. He has also noted that in top-level Pakistan monitored actions for rescue of the climber. "We are glad that helicopters of Pakistan could reach it and save" — Halilulla has added, having noted that how operation on Gukov's rescue was lit in media, has pulled together the people of two countries. "I have presented him a handmade Pakistani carpet. Has to be when he was in Pakistan, I couldn't buy it … I have presented him one so he will be able to remember us and the visit to Pakistan" — Halilulla has told. According to him, Gukov during the meeting in hospital was grateful to army of Pakistan for the fact that helicopters of the Air Force of the country have saved his life. "We have seen that he has high spirits. I could talk to him. His doctors are also satisfied with process of his restoration" — the ambassador has reported. The Russian climber has been saved on July 31. The group of five climbers at the beginning of July has begun climbing the mountain of Patches-1. As a result of a rockfall one of members of the team was traumatized. Together with two participants of group he remained in the base camp. Two climbers — the Petersburger Alexander Gukov and Sergey Glazunov from Irkutsk — have made the decision to together conquer peak. On descent they had had problems. Him have dumped freight with food and equipment, however later from Gukov information has arrived that his workmate has died, having broken together with equipment, and he managed to be fixed at the height of 6,2 thousand meters. Because of weather conditions helicopters could reach the Russian not at once. Your browser doesn't support this format of video.



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