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The airport of Vladivostok has opened installation with an Amur leopard - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

VLADIVOSTOK, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti. Installation in the form of a volume figure of an Amur leopard was established at the international airport of Vladivostok in the run-up to East economic forum, reports national park "Earth of a leopard". © Fotolia/Julia Mashkova Deloitte: To the Far East and foreigners is what to offer the friend другуВ July, 2014 the staff of the airport has acquired the right to name an Amur leopard. The animal was named Hors in honor of Slavic god of the sun. In July, 2018 the air harbor by results of internal vote has chosen Hors as own symbol. This predator lives in national park "Earth of a leopard", he is about eight years old. This is a reserved male – he seldom gets to lenses of phototraps. At the same time the predator has "dual citizenship" as he was noted both in Russia, and in China. "New installation with the image of a graceful leopard has appeared in the center of air terminal complex on the first floor. The volume composition was prepared specially for the beginning of the WEF. Thus, for many participants of a forum the visit to the region will begin with acquaintance to the representative of the local unique nature" — it is said in the statement. Friends, our symbol — the leopard of Hors already welcomes passengers and guests of the air harbor! 🐾🐆 we Wish you good days off and excellent mood! 😉
#VVOaeroВ future installation is planned to be replaced with a monumental sculpture of a leopard.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov to Pass into an image bank Kuzbass on the WEF-2018 plans to sign to 17 soglasheniytakzha it is noted that on the WEF will devote to the nature of Primorye the thematic platform on "the Street of the Far East". The Ministry of Natural Resources will present interesting places of reserves and national parks of the region. The fourth East economic forum will take place on the platform of a campus of Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island on September 11-13. IIA Russia Today acts as the general information partner of the WEF. In the territory of national park "Earth of a leopard" in Primorye 70% of an area of an Amur leopard are located. In 2017 84 adults of an individual of a leopard and 19 kittens are recorded here.



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