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The actors who were injured in the Voronezh circus were discharged from hospital - RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

VORONEZH, 1 Sep — RIA Novosti. Doctors have released on out-patient treatment of four actors who were injured during the performance in circus of Voronezh after on an arena I have jumped aside from the scenes a part broken a design, the representative of the emergency services of the region.© RIA Novosti / Rusalina Dmitriyeva In theater of Turin in the collapse of scenery has reported to RIA Novosti were injured two opera pevtsarany was reported that around 13.15 Moscow time on Saturdays in the Voronezh circus during the performance of horse group of actors of a show of Tamerlan Nugzarov the part of a design which has broken behind the scenes has jumped aside on an arena and has hooked on actors. Two women and the man were taken to hospital of emergency medical service No. 1, then there have brought one more woman. "At the moment all of them are released from hospital" — the interlocutor of the agency has told. According to doctors, for the man of 1988 year of birth is diagnosed the closed craniocereberal injury, brain concussion, a bruise of a hairy part of the head and a graze of the face, for the woman born in 1992 — a waist bruise, for the woman born in 1993 — a thorax bruise, the woman of 1985 has year of birth — a bruise of a knee joint. "The lift design has fallen before an exit of actors. This design was used directly in the show "Legend", and on this design the ballet — a nadkulisny part over which too the bridge is rose, on him they go down then in an arena. This lift design has broken down, at this moment equestrians left" — the administrator of the Voronezh circus Sergey Danilchenko has told RIA Novosti. According to him, horse actors has hooked on one of them a design, he has got injured on the head, also in at one time with him two ballet dancers have been hospitalized. "Girls who be on this design — their of everything was six people there, four more girls have got slight injuries, they continue work on the second representation now. They didn't ask for medical care, they have been examined by emergency doctors … They will have bruises precisely" — Danilchenko has added. According to the representative of circus, the audience as a result of an incident hasn't suffered. The performance has been interrupted, the audience who hasn't looked through representation were invited to the next performance. The circus operates normally.



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