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The acting governors won't break the records of predecessors, political scientists - RIA Novosti, consider 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The acting heads of regions on governor's elections on Sunday won't repeat records of the predecessors, but it and isn't necessary, the political scientists interviewed by RIA Novosti consider. At the same time experts are sure that all nomination supported by the president on a post of heads of regions will win a victory. The uniform voting day will take place in Russia on September 9. Direct governor's elections will take place in 22 subjects of the country. The political scientists interviewed by RIA Novosti don't expect sharp fluctuations of a voting turnout on Sunday in comparison with elections of heads of regions in September, 2017 RIA Novosti / Nina Zotina Pereyti in an image bank VCIOM: nearly 70% of Muscovites are ready to give the vote for Sobyaninagendirektor Instituta of regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev considers that on average the appearance will be higher, than a year ago. "At least because different political forces work on her increase. I am afraid to give numbers. But the fact that there will be more than 60% it is precisely" — Zhuravlev has explained. According to him, in regions with traditionally low appearance, such as Novosibirsk, Omsk regions, Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk Krai and also some other, average values of an appearance will also raise. "In many respects the low appearance in Siberia is connected with mentality. People live by the principle "rescue of drowning — work drowning" and therefore are less politized. But after all I think that the appearance will rise because will work for it" — Zhuravlev considers. He has noted that on the previous elections the appearance was low not only owing to mentality, but also because didn't work on her increase. © RIA Novosti / Nikolay Hizhnyak of Pereyti in an image bank has shown Poll how many Russians will come to elections on September 9" Now clearly that it is necessary to win not from comers at elections against, and from all electorate, so, more high turnout is necessary. It is necessary to have the majority not from minority, and from the majority. It is necessary in order that the elected governor stood on the feet more steadily" — the expert has explained. The deputy director Instituta of ethnology and anthropology of RAS, the doctor of political sciences, professor Vladimir Zorin, on the contrary, considers that the appearance at the upcoming governor's elections will be lower, than on elections of heads of regions in September, 2017. "Any sharp movements in questions of a turnout of voters won't be though I assume that it will decrease in comparison with governor's elections of 2017. But I would like to note here that the question of pension reform intensifies participation in elections of protest electorate and the senior generation. And the younger generation will show smaller interest in these elections and will balance sharp transitions" — Zorin has told. He has noted that the appearance in each concrete region will depend on the identity of the main candidate.© of a photo it is provided Russian CEC of Pamfilov has told that he prevents the competition among small parties "Here not there is a speech about the general tendency. The large role will be played by the identity of the candidate and those specific proposals which he will state on simplification of pension reform" — the expert has told, having noted that a competition for more effective measures within pension reform already N



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