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The journalist of Sputnik France who was injured in Paris feels well - RIA Novosti, 5/8/2017

The police in Paris has exposed a cordon on the way of a procession of a protest against Macron's victory
PARIS, on May 8 — RIA Novosti. The correspondent of the Sputnik France agency, the victim during collisions of police with protesters in Paris, feels well, she has no serious injuries and injuries, the journalist of RIA Novosti.© RIA Novosti has reported. Dmitry Gornostayevv Paris on a march against elections the police has beaten the journalist of Sputnik Franceranee was reported that the French police has used force to the journalist of Sputnik France during the demonstration against results of elections in Paris, have taken away a protective helmet from her and have tried to break phone. "I was touched with a bludgeon several times when I removed police officers at the time of their collision with protesters. A little painfully, but nothing was damaged, there is no bruise left. I feel well" — I have told она.© RIA Novosti. Dmitry Gornostayevv Paris against protesters have applied tear gas and rubber the pulishestviye against results of elections has begun in the morning on Monday at the Area of the Republic. Then protesters have gone a column in the direction of Bastille Square. On the way of a procession the police has exposed cordons, there were skirmishes with police officers which applied tear gas, bludgeons and rubber bullets. On Sunday in France there has taken place the second round of presidential elections. The leader of the movement "Vpered", the ex-Minister of Economics of the country Emmanuel Macron has won with result of 66,1%, data МВД.Ваш demonstrate the browser doesn't support this format of video.



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