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Teenagers read less books, scientists - RIA Novosti, have found out 8/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Aug – RIA Novosti. Less than 20% of modern teenagers read books, newspapers or magazines every day, but at the same time more than 80% from them constantly sit on social networks. The scientists who have published article in the PPMC.© Fotolia/Photobank magazine Teenagers write about it began to mature more slowly, psychologists" In comparison with last generations have said, teenagers of 2010 carry out time to networks more, and read books less and watch TV. Communication with gadgets has replaced the joy of reading stories and viewing of movies on a TV screen" — Jean Twenge from San Diego State University (USA) has said. Each generation of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers considers that the youth of their time was more patient, diligent and responsible, than their own children, grandsons or other young people. Often similar stereotypes draw attention of the scientists studying how actually habits and behavior of youth and children change. These researches often result in ambiguous results. For example, recently scientists have found out that the modern youth was less dismissed and more modest, than their parents from "generation of Pepsi" and their grandfather and the great-grandfather from generation of "men of the sixties". At the same time they were less independent and inclined to independent life and also more patient, than their parents. Twenge and her colleagues have checked one of the main claims of mothers and grandmothers to their children – whether really modern children spend too much time at the computers and phones and almost read nothing? For this purpose scientists have contacted participants of the school Monitoring the Future project in which about 50 thousand pupils of the high and higher school participate every year. In total more than one million teenagers taking various tests and opinion polls from 1976 to 2016 have been involved in him. © Sergeyev to Pass RIA Novosti / Vladimir into an image bank Scientists: the youth was less dismissed, than "generation X" Having used this extensive data set, scientists have tried to estimate how the relation of teenagers to books and two main "enemies" of their success in life – to the TV and digital gadgets – for the last ten years has exchanged. As it has appeared, the situation has really considerably exchanged. In the past, teenagers spent about an hour a day behind phone and the computer and almost didn't sit on the social networks existing in the middle of 2000. Now the digital world "eats off" approximately twice more time from teenagers and seniors, and average age categories, and their free time captures actually all. Similar expansion of the Internet to life of children, according to scientists, has become possible because teenagers almost have completely ceased to read books, newspapers and magazines. In the past, approximately every third senior said that he reads books or newspapers every day. Now this indicator has decreased to 2% and 16% for pupils of the American 10 and 12 classes. © RIA Novosti / Sergey Pivovarov to Pass into an image bank Scientists called unsafe sex the main threat for health п



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