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Teacher of year: the teacher of the XXI century has to be able to speak with the child - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

What has to be the teacher of the XXI century if around everything changes with velocity of light? How to combine work and a hobby? Daily motivation or sense of all life? About it artekovets from media group of the children's Lesnoy camp have talked to Ilya Sergeyevich Demakov – the winner in the competition "Teacher of Year 2017". - What, in your opinion, has to be the teacher of the XXI century? — The key skill of the teacher who will save us is skill of real-life human communication because any digital environment, no robot from the Moscow institute of technology is able to communicate properly. The teacher of the XXI century is that teacher who is able to speak with the child. - At your knowledge and experience in different educational spheres, you would like to work as someone else, except how the ordinary teacher in a gymnasium? © Astapkovich began to Pass RIA Novosti / Vladimir into an image bank with the Teacher of year the historian from St. Petersburg — We work where at us it turns out and where it is pleasant. I work 10 years at school. I worked at the university one year, but all the time has come back in school. First, there is absolutely live return, it is worth a lot. And then, I didn't meet any other profession where there would be so many emotions. There was a special research within which have interviewed more than one thousand teachers and have found out why they go to school. Children, it is clear because they were forced, for the teacher – there to worry. Means that it is important to us to receive an emotional response that is that on our action or inaction there was some reaction. In general, it is necessary to be where all the time boils life, emotional. All are nervous, worry, rejoice, cry, laugh — all this occurs constantly, day and night. And if still the teacher is the class teacher, then it also the round-the-clock support on phone. Therefore I don't know where I still would find it. To me in what I am engaged is very comfortable, and except school. I want anywhere definitely - You are the organizer and the coordinator of a large number of the youth and children's movements in education. What is for you daily motivation and what you find inspiration in? — All motivation in the purpose. If we understand why we do something, it also is the main motivation. I with children am engaged in several activities, for example, theater in German. Such things are important as so it is a story about communication. Why it is healthy? The most important skill of the XXI century is a communication. First of all, it is necessary to be able to agree. The person without collective won't be able to make a product. It is necessary to be able to work in team, to receive from others and to give information. Also it is necessary that from time to time at usual school there were too such activities where it is possible to communicate freely. Not about study, and concerning even something pleasant. And everything that we do with colleagues, is a story about communication. - What qualities have allowed you to achieve such heights and to become the teacher of year 2017? — You know, any competition is "sport of records". That is, to most of people the fitness suffices to feel



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