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SU-25 and SU-24M have struck blows to "terrorists" during the exercise in Kyrgyzstan - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

ChOLPON-ATA (Kyrgyzstan), 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. The link of the front SU-24M bombers and the SU-25 attack planes have struck blows to a congestion of conditional terrorists during the exercise "Issyk Kul – Anti-terror-2018", have reported in the press service of the Central Military District. © RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf Pereyti in an image bank of Tu-95MS have flown by over ukreprayony "terrorists" during the exercise in Kirgiziitam have noted that have struck to SU-24M blow to the advanced positions of "terrorists" whereas two couples of the SU-25 attack planes from height of 1500 meters have executed launch of uncontrollable rockets on the control center of an illegal band found earlier. On a legend of doctrines, large terrorist formations carry out transition of frontier of Kyrgyzstan for power change of the constitutional system in the country, transfer of terrorist activity to the region which is on a joint of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and creation of the new basic center of Islamic State * in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. For blocking and extermination of "terrorists" the joint army force has been created. Divisions of armed forces of Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation (Central Military District) were its part. © RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov Pereyti in an image bank the Russian gunners have used "the wandering mortars" on doctrines in Abkhaziisoglasno to the plan of conducting exercises, the strategic Tu-95MS bombers, the distant Tu-22M3 bombers, the SU-25 attack planes, the front SU-24 bombers, helicopters of army aircraft Mi-24, jet Grad multiple launch rocket systems, the operational and tactical Iskander M complex, the artillery Msta B complexes, the Sea eagle-10 unmanned aerial vehicle and also different types of the armored equipment take part in the third stage. In total about two thousand servicemen of Russia and Kyrgyzstan and nearly 400 pieces of equipment are involved in doctrines. Joint anti-terrorist exercises of competent authorities of the State Parties of the CIS "Issyk Kul — Anti-terror-2018" are carried out under the auspices of the Anti-terrorist center of the CIS according to the program of cooperation of the State Parties of the Commonwealth in fight against terrorism and other violent manifestations of extremism for 2017-2019. the *terroristichesky organization forbidden in Russia.



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