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Students of the Ulyanovsk region became prize-winners of the final of WorldSkills Russia - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

ULYANOVSK, 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. At once three residents of Ulyanovsk have taken prizes in the final of the national WorldSkills Russia championship "Young Professionals" which has taken place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the press service of the government and the governor of the Ulyanovsk region has reported. © Depositphotos/IrinaDance In the Ulyanovsk region will create new engineering школуМедалью for professionalism the pupil of Bolshenagatkinsky technical school of technology and service Igor Pautov in the section "Repair and Service of Cars" is awarded. The bronze medal was won by the student Matvei Zagvozdkin in competence "Service of the Aircraft Equipment". Have received silver the student of pharmaceutical college Tatyana Sanyuta in the section "Laboratory Medical Analysis" and the pupil of the Interregional center of competences of aviation college Radmir Zamaldinov — in the section "Body Repair". "I participated in the national championship for the first time. It was very difficult. Prepared the whole year. There were many strong competitors, but compete not with other participants more, and with yourself. The big tension, responsibility to play adequately for the region. Didn't believe in a victory, but hoped" — the press service of the government of the region cites words of the prize-winner Radmir Zamaldinov. More than 700 contestants, including 152 school students from all subjects of Russia became participants of the championship this year. Students represented professional skill in 62 competences, 700 experts estimated it. Six people have entered into the regional national team. In May of this year in the Ulyanovsk region the selection stage of the national championship on five competences has taken place, have reminded in the press service. It is repair and service of cars, coloring of cars, body repair, service of the heavy and aircraft equipment. 140 contestants and as much experts from 69 regions of the country then have participated in competitions. "The Ulyanovsk region in 2013 of one of the first has entered the movement WorldSkills. We actively invest in development of secondary professional education – both financial, and human resources. At us it is created and the Interregional center of competences on the basis of aviation college works. In 2018 60 million rubles are allocated for improvement of material and technical resources of ssuz" — quote the governor Sergey Morozov in the regional press service. Following the results of the championship, the team of the Ulyanovsk region this year managed to improve the positions in it. "In 2017 there was only the one third place and a medal for professionalism. And in it is already three prize-winning places and a medal for professionalism. Such children, it is sure, waits for the big future. For example, Oleg Shavrin – the participant of the final of the national WorldSkills Russia championship — became 2017 the mentor of the resident of Ulyanovsk who has got a silver medal. All our caused a stir baby is expected by monetary encouragement from means of the regional budget" — the Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region Natalya Semyonova has promised. Read other news of the region here>>



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