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Star wars: Trump has relied on spy satellites and high technologies - RIA Novosti, 8/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. Militarization of space, audit of the fleet, modernization of strategic forces and new jobs — the U.S. President Donald Trump has adopted the military budget for 2019 financial year within which the Pentagon will receive record 716 billion dollars. The document was signed in a festive atmosphere on Fort-Dram military base in the State of New York. About what the American military leaders will spend billions allocated to them for — in material of RIA Новости.CC BY 2.0/Arlington County / the Pentagon Opinion: in the new defensive budget of the USA – thought over the strategiyanovy military budget of the USA — the largest for all history, is more last year's for 20 billion dollars. In the document special attention of modernization of almost all types of troops, including strategic is paid. Besides, the total number of Armed forces will increase by 15 thousand people. Most of them, obviously, will serve in space troops which creation was declared by Donald Trump not so long ago. "Space troops — the priority direction of development of Armed forces of the USA, the lion's share of the budget will leave on their formation — professor of Academy of military sciences Sergey Sudakov has told RIA Novosti. — Stake on high technologies. The withdrawal from a treaty on the open sky, acting from the 1992nd, shows that Americans don't count on the flight equipment for assessment of the Russian military potential any more and will develop network of satellites intelligence agents to watch us, without asking permission". According to the budget, the Agency of missile defense of the USA intends to start expansion in space of systems of tracking and interception of ballistic missiles already in the nearest future. Development and deployment of "steady space touch architecture" have to come to the end by December 31, 2022. Obviously, the Pentagon has decided to go to it to find means of counteraction to the latest Russian strategic developments, such as intercontinental Sarmatian ballistic missile and hypersonic complex Avangard. © the Russian Defense Ministry "Dagger" and Avangard nullify the existing air defenses and the missile defense, considers an ekspertdokument, by the way, demands from the U.S. President to report whether the administration at negotiations with Russia a question of compliance of these arms to the contract START-3 lifted him. Obviously, the presentation of rocket novelties which Vladimir Putin had held on March 1 the 2018th in the annual message to Federal Assembly has seriously disturbed the western military leaders. Americans, by the way, aren't going to bury the axe of nuclear war — considerable funds on modernization of the Minuteman-III rockets which are adopted from 1970th years are provided in the budget. The Navies — the key element of geopolitical strategy of the USA, and financing is allocated corresponding. Allocate more than 24 billion dollars for 13 new ships and acceleration of construction of the fourth aircraft carrier of the class Ford. Many means will leave on maintenance in good shape of the available naval equipment. Trump said more than once that now from 12 fleet of US Navies completely боег



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