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Source: the beginning of trainings of astronauts from the UAE to flight to the ISS was postponed - RIA Novosti, 8/11/2018

MOSCOW, 11 Aug — RIA Novosti. Two candidates from the UAE on weed on the International Space Station (ISS) will start trainings in the Center of training of astronauts in the Star city situated near Moscow closer to the middle of September, but not in August as it was planned earlier, has told RIA Novosti a source in space-rocket branch.© of the Photo: Astronauts at the ISS can finish Roskosmos a detail file, received from Earth" For a week the last stage of selection of candidates is prolonged on weeds which consists in trainings on exercise machines in the Center of training of astronauts. Selection will be complete at the end of August then candidates will go to the UAE. There will take place the final choice of two candidates — the main and duplicating and also their representation at the national level" — the interlocutor of the agency has told. After that candidates will arrive in Russia for passing of semi-annual preparation for flight which will take place in April, 2018. Earlier Roskosmos reported that the delegation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which part representatives of the Space center of Mohammed ibn Rasheed and nine applicants for flight in space were has arrived in Russia for carrying out medical selection for the organization of flight in space with various scientific missions.© of the Photo: ROSKOSMOS state corporation At the ISS will grow up cartilages of the person by means of the 3D-printerapolet first astronaut of the UAE for the ISS it is planned in April, 2019 and about 10 days will last. The start will be made on the transport piloted Union of MS-12 ship. Besides, as has told a source of RIA Novosti, further Russia and the UAE consider the possibility of regular flights of the Emirates astronauts at the ISS by the Russian Union ships after 2020. According to him, the agreement on one short-term flight is reached, but negotiations on a series of flights lasting 30-40 days continue at once. They are possible after the beginning of flights of the American private spaceships when foreign astronauts begin to fly at the ISS by the ships and places in domestic "Unions" will be freed. Opportunities for sending space tourists and astronauts of the different countries by the Union ships will appear because for a budget account about two Union ships in a year what taking into account flights of the American private ships will be enough for shift changes of crews at the ISS whether but the Energiya rocket and space corporation will remain capable will be created Will take to make to four ships a year.© Infographics me in astronauts?



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