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Source: start of the OneWeb satellites is transferred because of unavailability of devices - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug – RIA Novosti. The first start of satellites of the British OneWeb system from the European Guiana Space Centre on the Russian rocket "Union-2" is postponed to February, 2019 because of unavailability of spacecrafts, also all subsequent program of start-up from the spaceports Baikonur and East moves, I have reported to RIA Novosti a source in space-rocket branch.© of the Photo: Roskosmos the Russian astronauts at the ISS change at Americans cottage cheese for krabovgruppirovka of satellites of the British company OneWeb will be developed by means of the Russian carrier rockets "Union-2". 21 launches of domestic carriers are for this purpose chartered: to five from Guiana Space Centre, 10 from Baikonur and 6 from the East spaceport. "Due to the problems with production of spacecrafts the first start-up according to the OneWeb program from Guiana Space Centre moves at least for February, 2019. Respectively, there is a transfer and all other starts according to this program. The first start-up from Baikonur will take place not earlier than the end of summer early autumn of 2019, and start-up from the East spaceport move for 2020" — the interlocutor has told. Earlier the first qualification start-up was outlined from Guiana Space Centre for December, 2018, and to the end of 2019 the OneWeb system had to reach the minimum working configuration from 300 spacecrafts and start providing commercial services of Internet access from any point of the world. "Postponement of the first start-up for February and shift of all program of start-up, even at the high rate of starts in the second half of 2019, won't allow to deploy such number of spacecrafts and efficient the OneWeb system can become only in the first quarter 2020" — the interlocutor.© Foto has noted: ROSKOSMOS state corporation the Russian astronauts have taken away boxes with microorganisms from MKSV surface a framework of the first start-up from the French Guiana Space Centre from French Guiana a trial series from 10 satellites has to be put to orbit. Within about half a year they will pass flight tests then start-up will begin with Baikonur. During each such start-up 32-36 spacecrafts will be put to orbit. Then the starting crew will move on East from where will also carry out start-up according to the program. "It is supposed that the rate of starts will be higher, than one start-up a month. Six rockets "Union-2" are already made – two of them are sent to Baikonur Cosmodrome, one to Guiana Space Centre, three more are stored at the plant in Samara" — the interlocutor has told. From Guiana Space Centre starts will be carried out by the Soyuz-ST-B rockets and accelerating Fregat-MT blocks, from Baikonur and East rockets "Union-2.1b" and accelerating Fregat-M blocks. Rockets are made in Samara on Progress rocket and space center, and accelerating blocks — in NGO of Lavochkin. Satellites for demonstration start will be manufactured by head enterprise of Airbus Defense and Space corporation in Toulouse, and the others – at the plant in the USA.© RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov to Pass JV OneWeb and Airbus Defense and Space into an image bank Roskosmos has discussed with Kazakhstan cooperation on the Baykonurekosmichesky devices OneWe



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