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Sofia told the robot to the Ukrainian prime minister that she knows about Ukraine - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

KIEV, 11 Oct – RIA Novosti. The Ukrainian prime minister Volodymyr Groysman communicated at a forum in Kiev to the robot Sofia who told it that she knows about Ukraine – about the chernozem and the biggest plane.© in the world RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov to Pass the Robot into an image bank Sofia hanged after a question of corruption on Ukrainerobota Sofia brought to Kiev on the largest business forum of Ukraine and Europe which takes place these days in the Ukrainian capital. "Asked that Sofia knows the robot about Ukraine. Says that we have a quarter of all chernozem of the world, the biggest Mriya plane in the world, the first constitution were also written in 1710 in Ukraine. And the composer Nikolay Leontovich possesses the most popular and demanded piece of music "Shchedrik"" — the prime minister on Thursday wrote the Sof_ya robot of a zn to Twitter.Spitav, що є about Ukra§na. Show, що at us — чверть all to the chernozem a sv_ta, nayb_lshiya at світі літак "Mr_ya", a naypersha конституцію також were written at 1710 році to Ukra§n_. And to the composer Mikol_ Leontovich to nalezhit найбільш vp_znavaniye і zatrebuvany muzichny твір Shchedrik ofГройсман noted that not to stop technological progress. "The main condition — that at development of technologies was used by 100% of human potential, and robots were auxiliary. And it should be understood in advance. There have to be accurate rules" — the prime minister added. The robot Sofia developed by the Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics was designed so that to study and adapt to behavior of people and also to work with people. In October, 2017 Sofia became subject Saudi Arabia and the first robot which obtained citizenship of any country. According to her founder David Hanson, Sofia has artificial intelligence, is equipped with functions of processing of visual information and technology of face recognition. It can imitate human gestures and a mimicry, to answer questions and to talk. Shchodo роботів, які to monut zam_nit of people. Tekhnolog_chny progress not of a zupinita. Golovna Umova, щоб під hour a rozvitka технологій 100% human to a potents_al, and the Boulia robot vikoristovuvatsya by dopom_zhny. І це potr_bno usv_domlyuvat заздалегідь. Мають quarrystone чіткі governed.



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