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Socialism remnant. In Ukraine liquidate hot water supply - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti, Alexander Lesnykh. Officials suggest Ukrainians to provide themselves with utilities independently. Management companies go further away — pay collectors to beat out debts to the housing and public utilities enterprises from the become impoverished citizens. Meanwhile the public debt of the country has exceeded 76 billion dollars. What waits for Ukraine in the fall and why the next credit of the International Monetary Fund will only aggravate an economic situation — in material of RIA Novosti. © the RIA Novosti / Stringer to Pass into an image bank Doomsday in Ukrainian: in Kiev two of three TETsV to Kiev are stopped the next one and a half years it is necessary to pay to creditors nearly ten billion dollars. The general debt has reached 76,3 billion that is 2,5 times more than currency reserves of National Bank, experts of VoxUkraine have counted. It approximately on 1800 dollars, or nearly 50 thousand hryvnias, on each citizen of Ukraine. The market of external loans for Kiev is closed — before offering investors the bonds, it is necessary to find somewhere eight billion dollars for a covering of budget deficit. The last hope — on the IMF, however the creditor doesn't hurry to allocate funds. Main condition: the government has to raise gas prices for the population to all-market. It means that ordinary citizens should pay as much how many and to the industrial enterprises.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Maksimenko to Pass into an image bank the American experts have predicted "financial chaos" on the Ukrainesootvetstvuyushchy obligation to the IMF the president, the prime minister and the head of the National Bank have signed. Now local media guess whose head will depart the first when Ukrainians receive payment orders with new tariffs. The main candidate for a departure — the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Vladimir Groysman. He, in turn, tries to shift fault for present state of the economy to predecessors. Actions of the government in 2005-2013, according to him, have led to the fact that Ukraine was "chained in national debt handcuffs". In nominal terms during this period the debt has really grown more considerably, than at Poroshenko. However Groysman has held back other important indicator: according to the Insider edition, in 2013 obligations to creditors made 76,59% of GDP, and in the 2017th — 122%. Even if citizens will reconcile to increase in tariffs, gas can simply not be enough for all: by the end of August in underground storages it was succeeded to save up only 13,8 billion cubic meters of fuel, and these are only 44% of their capacity. In September Naftogaz plans to raise on own initiative gas price for the enterprises by 4,6%. If increase in tariffs according to the requirement of the IMF also is added to it, Ukrainians should pay about 11,6 hryvnias for cubic meter instead of last year's 6,9. In Kiev perfectly understand that the population for housing and communal services which reach 37 billion hryvnias now are as a result long, will sharply increase. Therefore try to find option which will allow, having formally fulfilled the requirement of the IMF, to avoid explanations with own citizens.© to Pass the RIA Novosti / Stringer into an image bank Poroshen



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