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Social Revolutionaries have suggested to make the pension inherited an insurance part - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The leader of Just Russia Sergey Mironov together with members of the same party has introduced to the State Duma the bill suggesting to make the right to insurance pensions inherited, the press service of party.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Sukhorukov has reported to Pass into an image bank In RPF have told how care about пенсионерахКак have explained in the Pension fund, now inheritance of insurance pension is possible in one case – relatives can receive one payment in a month in which there has come the death of the pensioner if during lifetime he hasn't managed to make it. "These assignments (which are saved up during work — an edition) have to come back in the form of pensions – if not to the payer, then his immediate family" — his press service.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Klimentyev quotes Mironov to Pass into an image bank Poklonskaya has supported Putin's amendments to the project about pension izmeneniyakhzakonoproyekty it is offered to make the right to an insurance part of an old-age pension inherited. The project enters a new concept – "the guaranteed period of receiving an insurance old-age pension". This period is calculated by a formula: the age of the expected life expectancy which is annually determined by the government plus five years. "If the person dies before the expiration of this guaranteed period, or even before his approach, pension payments are received by successors. And it shouldn't violate their own pension rights, the pension in any way they will also receive" — Mironov.© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Shtukina Pereyti in an image bank has told the Project on pensions doesn't assume indexation working pensioneramsoglasno to the current legislation, the citizen has the right in advance to define assignees of means of the pension savings and in what shares these funds in case of his death will be distributed between them. Payment of means of pension savings to relatives of the first stage whom children, the spouse and parents treat is carried out in equal shares. Assignees of the second turn are brothers, sisters, grandfathers and grandsons — have the right to means of pension savings if there are no relatives of the first stage. Means of pension savings can be paid to assignees if the death of the citizen has come before appointment to him payments after has been appointed, but isn't paid yet, or after appointment to him urgent pension payment — unpaid balance of pension savings.



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