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Sobyanin has opened the biggest Moscow park outside MKAD - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on Thursday has opened in Yuzhnoye Butovo the new city landscape park which has the total area of 140 hectares and is considered the biggest capital park beyond limits MKAD.© of the Photo: the office of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow the Time Magazine has included the Zaryadye park in the list of outstanding places of the world "We long consulted on you and discussed that there will be Clean Ponds with fish, embankments, dance floors. It is one of the best parks of the city. We had a desire to make the qualitative park" — the mayor has told inhabitants. Also the mayor has walked across the territory of the park, in passing communicating with locals. So, the local townswoman Anna Seleznyova has told Sobyanin that the park very much was pleasant to her and has hoped that in the territory there will be as much as possible cameras and protection for protection against vandals. "In the territory of the park there will be a protection and 200 cameras" — the capital city's mayor has told in reply. He has also promised inhabitants that shortly street exercise machines will appear here. Total length of the park is 7 kilometers. One of the main sights of the park are the water objects located in it — Big, Top both Nizhny Novgorod Chernevskiye and Nizhny Novgorod, the Top and Average Gavrikovsky ponds.© RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank Sobyanin has supported the idea of creation of parkings for karsheringovy mashinv 2017 of the power of Moscow have approved the project of improvement which provided creation of the large city park sated with qualitative infrastructure for good rest of locals. According to the mayor's office, because of complexity and scale of the project his realization has been carried out in two steps. In 2017 works on clearing of the territory of future park and construction of necessary utilities have been performed. In 2018 — actually creation of park infrastructure. Four summer platforms ("Open-air theater" on 300 places, "Summer theater" on 100 places, "Amphitheater" on 170 places, a dance pavilion) intended for holding concerts, dancing-parties and other cultural events will become the main points of an attraction in the new park. © RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov to Pass into an image bank Sobyanin has told what size the Moscow subway will in a budushchemgost of the park will be able to have a rest in ten covered arbors where the cafe and thematic clubs on interests will be placed. One more "highlight" of the park are the numerous pergolas (twined greens canopies) under one of which a suspended swing is established. In the park several comfortable recreation areas at water with pontoon wooden moorings and ramps transitions are also created. In 1986 Butovo was included into city boundaries of Moscow. From 1990th years process of an urbanization of the area has begun.



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