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Sobyanin has charged to expand measures of a social support of disabled people in Moscow - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug – RIA Novosti. Disabled people in Moscow have to be surrounded with attention and care, they need to create normal conditions for life, study, rest and rehabilitation, the mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin has said. The mayor has disposed about further expansion of measures of a social support of disabled people in Moscow.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Vyatkin Pereyti in an image bank the Government has sounded measures for improvement of quality of life of Russians" the Majority of those ideas, decisions which we made, is implemented, realized" — Sobyanin on Monday at a meeting of coordination council for disabled people and other persons with activity restriction has told. The mayor has reminded that in 2017 in the city measures of social support of disabled people and members of their families have been considerably increased. "In particular, payments for care of the disabled child are twice increased" — he has told. Besides, according to Sobyanin, in Moscow payments to families in which there are disabled parents have been twice increased and also the number of sanatorium permits for disabled people.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko Pereyti in an image bank counts Ministry of Labor on growth of number of workers местПо to results of coordination council Sobyanin has given a number of instructions on further expansion of measures of social support of disabled people in Moscow. The decision to increase annually by one thousand number of the disabled children and disabled people of young age who are carrying out exit rehabilitation on the Black Sea coast and other resorts of Russia is made. Besides, the Government of Moscow will allocate 2 billion rubles for repair and equipping with the modern equipment of the rehabilitation centers and correctional schools, including additional exoskeletons for rehabilitation of disabled holding midfielders will be purchased. The mayor Sobyanin has also supported the project of training of blind children in music which will be provided by teachers of children's music school of Svetlanov at correctional school No. 1. The government of the capital will also handle an issue of filling of library of the Moscow electronic school educational and educational content for disabled children. © the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes of Pereyti in an image bank the Higher education has to be state, considers the majority россиянМэр Sobyanin has examined the new center of complex rehabilitation of disabled people Butovo on the basis of which there has taken place the meeting of coordination council. Have shown to the mayor stationary office for mothers with children up to three years, the pool for a balneoterapiya and a hydromassage, the hall of physiotherapy exercises and also the platform for hippotherapy (a rehabilitation method by means of riding). The mayor has communicated to young patients of the rehabilitation center and their parents. In 2019 the similar rehabilitation center will appear in the Western Adiministrative District. According to the Head of Department of work and social protection of the population of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan, today 1,03 million disabled people live in Moscow. In 2010 in their city there were 1,17 million.



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