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Sobyanin for the first time in Russia has started electrobuss on city routes - RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

MOSCOW, 1 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on Saturday has started the Russia's first electrobuss on city routes. The ceremony devoted to the beginning of the regular movement of electrobuss in the capital has taken place at a main entrance of ENEA. The first electrobus has begun to ply along a route No. 73 "the 6th mdt. Bibirevo — ENEA (the southern lobby)". As well as at start of MTsK, in the first month journey in electrobuss will be free. "I congratulate on a big event. New innovative transport has appeared in Moscow — the electrobus. Percent on 18 consumes less electric power than trolleybuses, differs from it in the fact that recharge goes not along all route, and at stops. It is very important that in Russia the world-class equipment is created, new technologies which only just begin to take root in big cities are fulfilled" — Sobyanin has told. The mayor has noted that introduction of electrobuss considerably will improve ecology of the city.© of the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes to Pass into an image bank Sobyanin has signed the document on free pass in capital electrobuss "We will gradually pass to electric draft, the electric vehicle, but today it is necessary to test the first electrobus on the first route" — he has added. The mayor has swept in new city public transport and has communicated to students of technical colleges which have shared with the mayor the impressions about development of transport in Moscow. In turn Sobyanin has told about advantages of the electric transport and new projects of the government of the capital, in particular, about the preparing Moscow Central Diameters (MCD). It is expected that until the end of the year electrobuss will start on five city routes which pass through 22 capital areas. Electrobuss will go along a route of the T25 bus "Budenny Avenue" — "The Lubyanka Subway — "Polytechnical Museum", the trolleybus No. 83 "Ussuriyskaya Street" — "The Preobrazhenskaya Square Subway, the trolleybus No. 42 "Riga station" — "The Petrovsky Park Subway, the trolleybus No. 76 "Holmogorskaya Street" — "The VDNKh Metro station, the trolleybus No. 36 "Beskudnikovsky Lane" — "1st Ostankinskaya Street". © the Song to Pass RIA Novosti / Vladimir into an image bank Public transport of Khimki situated near Moscow will be replenished электробусамиКак the Moscow electrobus — the largest project in the field of development of land city transport not only in Russia, but also in the world is noted in materials of the press service of the mayor's office. He will increase comfort of trips around the city and also will become the new driver of development of public transport not only in Moscow, but also across all Russia. In May, 2018 the Government of Moscow has held two auctions on delivery of electrobuss to Moscow which winners were largest Russian car makers – "KamAZ" and GAZ Group. The contract for delivery of 100 electrobuss (total 200 cars) and 31 ultrafast charging station is concluded with each of them (total 62 charging stations). Producers within 15 years will be responsible for high-quality and reliable operation of electrobuss and charging stations.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov to Pass into an image bank In Moscow will develop infrastructure for charging ale



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