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SK carries out seizure of documents at the Sochi and Vnukovo-RIA Novosti airports, 9/1/2018

MOSCOW, 1 Sep — RIA Novosti. Investigators carry out dredging of documentation at the Sochi and Vnukovo airports and also to UTair airlines in connection with crash landing of the plane in Sochi, the IC RF reports. © RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Lyzlova to Pass into an image bank of B CK have told about investigation of crash landing of the plane in Sochiv night on Saturday at Sochi Airport the Boeing plane 737-800 UTair airlines going flight Moscow – Sochi, after landing it was rolled out of runway limits, I have slid to the bed of the river therefore racks of the chassis and a wing have collapsed, there was an ignition of the left engine. Onboard the vessel there were 164 passengers and six crew members. Among them there are no victims, however the employee of the airport has died. 18 people have suffered. Criminal case is brought. "Within criminal case upon crash landing of the plane in Sochi a number of judicial examinations is appointed. Investigators carry out dredging of necessary documentation at the airports "Sochi", "Vnukovo" and in UTair airline — it is said in the statement of SK in the WhatsApp messenger. The head of the Southern SU on transport of the IC RF Maxim Tkachenko on the scene has organized careful survey of the plane which has made emergency landing, the adjacent territory of Sochi Airport, is reported on the website of the department. Earlier SK has reported that investigators consider several versions of the event, including a pilot error, technical malfunction of the aircraft, adverse weather conditions, mistakes in work of land services and others. Besides, pilots, employees of the airport and land services and also the victims have been interrogated. Today at 2:59 Boeing 737-800 of Utair airline during landing time in Adler was rolled out of borders of the runway, has rolled down to the river, has lit up and has partially collapsed. Have suffered 18, 1 I have died … Flight flew from Moscow. #сочи. box #sochi.corr #sochifornia #сочи #сочи2018 #сочифорния #sochi #дтп #авария #полиция #авария #краснодарскийкрай #сочирай #сочивкурсе #сочиновости #сочимир #новостисочи #сочифотограф #чпсочи #сочижизнь #сочиспортПубликация from Sochi.Corr (@sochi.corr) of 31 Aug, 2018 at 9:16 PDT



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