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Sipyagin has won elections the governor of the Vladimir region ‍ - RIA Novosti, 9/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Sep — RIA Novosti. The candidate of LDPR Vladimir Sipyagin has won elections of the head of the Vladimir region. According to data of the CEC following the results of calculation of 100% of protocols, he has collected 57,03% of votes, and the acting governor Svetlana Orlova representing United Russia — 37,46.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov to Pass into an image bank the Political scientist called the second round on elections of the head of the Vladimir region сенсациейВ Sunday there has taken place the second round of elections. Orlova and Sipyagin applied for a post of the head of the region. Originally, after calculation of 20,51% of protocols, Orlova was in the lead from 47,12% of voices, Sipyagin had 47,02%. Then the candidate of LDPR has come forward, and after processing of 70,76% of protocols has come off for 15,53%. In the first round on the ninth of September at an appearance of 32,96% Orlova has received 36,42% of votes, Sipyagin — 31,19%. Except governor's elections that day both candidates stood in deputies of regional Legislative Assembly. As a result both have received mandates, but Orlova has at once refused the, and Sipyagin has adopted the mandate and now is the deputy from LDPR. Sipyagin has told RIA Novosti that he has been confident in the victory. "Good, sure result — victories me, as governor of the Vladimir region" — he has emphasized. According to him, he understood that such result therefore there was already a formation of team will be achieved, and he defined initial tasks which it is necessary to solve after the inauguration.© the RIA Novosti / Novel Vladimirov Electoral commission the question has received two complaints in the second round of elections in Vladimir an oblastina whether he is afraid of probability of cancellation of results, Sipyagin has answered that "it is the national choice, and against the national choice as speak, you won't trample". Sipyagin has thanked fellow countrymen — residents of the area who have supported him in both rounds and also to the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The vice-president of election commission Sergey Kanishchev has reported to RIA Novosti that essential violations during the second round of elections weren't, there was a delay of input of protocols in state automated system "Elections" which can be connected with provocation. "Nothing essential was. We have recorded only two violations — there about anything" — Kanishchev has told. On a question whether there was a failure in system state automated system "Elections", the interlocutor has explained that the delay of inputs of protocols because of possible provocations, materials about which have been transferred to police, has been recorded. That were for provocations, Kanishchev hasn't explained



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