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Shoygu has transferred historical copies of the Banner of Victory to the authorities of Khakassia - RIA Novosti, 8/28/2018

ABAKAN (Khakassia), 28 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation general Sergey Shoygu has transferred historical copies of the Banner of Victory and battle flags of military units to the Chairman of the Government of Khakassia Victor Zimin.© of RIA Novosti/N. Baud to Pass into an image bank with the Breast to tanks. Feats of participants of the Kursk fight "are declassified More than 70 years has passed from the moment of the termination of the Great Patriotic War. But in our memory forever there will be heroic fulfillments of generation of winners … All people of our country have contributed to the Victory of the 1945th" — the minister at a ceremony of transfer of banners has told. He has told that about 70 thousand residents of Khakassia have left on the front and many of them have given life for freedom and independence of the Fatherland. "The considerable contribution to defeat of the enemy was made by the military formations created in the territory of the republic. Among them three shooting regiments created in 1942 in Abakan" — the Minister of Defence has emphasized. According to him, about that how selflessly residents of Abakan were at war, the fact that only for combat operation on speeding up of Dnieper 26 fighters of the 957th regiment have been awarded a high rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union eloquently demonstrates. © to Pass with RIA Novosti / RIA Novosti into an image bank Powerful caliber. The weapon which has thrown down a challenge to heavy tanks of Wehrmacht "All for years of war by Heroes there were 35 natives of Khakassia. 17 more — full gentlemen of an award of Glory" — Shoygu has added. "Our debt — to make so that the greatness of a feat of soldiers and officers of a front time wasn't subject to oblivion. Today are transferred to the republic to eternal storage the copy of a sacred military relic — the Banner of Victory and also fighting banners of the glorified parts and connections which history arose here. Banners are symbols of courage and heroism, national unity and valorous service to the Homeland" — the minister has emphasized. He has expressed confidence that banners will take the worthy place in the hall of fighting glory of the republican museum cultural center, and their history will get a ready response in the hearts of everyone to whom the fate of the Fatherland isn't indifferent.



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