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Senator Derbin: attempts to interfere with investigation of FBI across the Russian Federation will become a problem - RIA Novosti, 5/10/2017

James Comey
WASHINGTON, on May 10 — RIA Novosti. Any attempts to interfere with investigation of FBI concerning "influence" of the Russian Federation at elections in the USA will become the constitutional problem, influential senator democracy Richard of Derbin.© of AFP 2017/Jim Watsonamerikanskiye of intelligence agency has declared didn't foreknow about Komivo's dismissal Tuesday the U.S. President Donald Trump has dismissed the director of FBI James Comey who has held the post at the former president Barack Obama. "Such attempts will represent a serious constitutional problem" — he has told in connection with the decision of the U.S. President to dismiss Comey. Derbin also has urged to explain the White House whether investigation concerning "influence of the Russian Federation" on elections to Ssha.Komi will be continued has been appointed Obama in 2013 to the 10-year term which he intended to work completely. The former director of FBI conducted investigation against Trump regarding estimated "communications with Russia" which disprove both in the White House, and in the Kremlin. At the same time the won Trump's rival an election of the president of 2016 Hillary Clinton also accused Comey that he has achieved her defeat, having distributed not confirmed information on new investigation against Clinton in 10 days prior to elections.



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