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Scientists told why you should not be picked a nose - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct – RIA Novosti. And grinding of snivels on a face and hands was Kovyryaniye in a nose unsafe for health of the person. In this way children and adults can promote spread of pneumonia, the physicians who published article in Photo European Respiratory Journal.© say: Scientists found out Public Domain why tuberculosis did not destroy all mankind "Of course, children it will hardly be possible to force to cease to be picked a nose and to pound snivels, and microbes often stimulate their immunity and help them to avoid infections in adulthood. On the other hand, the similar manner of infection can be dangerous to parents and also aged grandmothers and grandfathers of these children" — Victoria Connor from the university of Liverpool (Great Britain) According to WHO statistics tells, pneumonia and other forms of pneumonias strike every year about 450 million people and claim the lives of 4 million more inhabitants of the planet. Most strongly children suffer from it – approximately the fifth part of children's death is connected with heavy infections of lungs today. Besides a classical pneumococcus (Streptococcus pneumoniae), the symptoms similar to pneumonia or pneumonia can cause many other microbes and also fungi and viruses. One of the most known "alternative" causative agents of pneumonia – Legionella pneumophila microbe causing the well-known "disease of legionaries". As Connor notes, scientists still not really well understand that, the pneumococcus and other causative agents of pneumonia how exactly extends and that promotes their transfer from one person to another. © Fotolia/Dan Race Scientific: bird flu will turn into "supervirus" through only two mutatsiik to an example, many scientists consider that these microbes extend in the airborne way whereas other experts do not agree with it, considering that the pneumococcus is transferred only by means of direct contact between the sick and healthy person, as well as many other diseases of the top airways. Connor and her colleagues checked what is closer than these two theories to the truth, having organized extremely unusual experiment. Scientists gained six dozens healthy volunteers who were not suffering from pulmonary diseases and suggested them to try to infect themselves with Fotolia/svetamart pneumonia.© Scientific: antibiotics do not help every fourth victim пневмонииДля it scientists spread their fingers or a palm with solution with a small number of colonies of a pneumococcus, and just asked a half of them to smell them or to pick in a nose. In certain cases they made it right after they were spread with cotton wool, and in others – volunteers waited until liquid dries, and only then started "self-infection". After this "procedure" scientists released the wards on houses and for nine days watched how players of microflora of their nose and a condition of lungs were changed. In total, at once eight volunteers successfully infected themselves with pneumonia whose traces scientists could take from their nose and multiply them in Fotolia/psd test tubes.©



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