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Scientists told why rice can be hazardous to health - RIA Novosti, 05.12.2018

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. Seeds of rice can accumulate in themselves large amounts of arsenic and other toxins most of which part will get into a human body at digestion of food. The biologists speaking at a conference of Society of risk analysis in New Orleans.© as the Photo told about it: NIEHS water Pollution by arsenic causes obesity and early growing of children "We carried out the first systematic assessment of how a lot of arsenic is contained by typical seeds of rice, and studied how much it gets to an organism at digestion of food. In the nearest future we will study also that, how exactly it influences work of a body of the person" — Zheng Zhou from Indiana University (USA) said. High content of lead, arsenic and many other elements in water, water pipes, ware and in other objects of use and life often leads to development of heavy violations in work of a brain and body of the person. Many historians consider today that traditions of use of lead ware could be one of the reasons of decline of Ancient Rome, and high concentration of lead in water already caused problems with health of children in the city of Flint in the USA. What is interesting, unlike many other toxins, not industrial emissions or other traces of "activity" of the person, and local ground waters happen the main source of arsenic in food and water usually. In some countries of the world, such as India and Bangladesh, about a quarter of sources of moisture comprise incredibly high shares of its connections that has extremely negative effect on life of locals. © AP Photo/Manish Swarup Scientific: all drinking water in Bangladesh will be poisoned through 10 letchzhoa and his colleagues became interested in how the high impurity of water arsenic and other toxins will influence rice, the main crop of China, India and other countries in the South and the East of Asia. For this purpose they analysed the data collected by authors of 143 scientific works devoted to metabolism of arsenic and its behavior in a body of the person and in various food. Having selected ten most detailed researches, biologists united results of experiments and generalized their conclusions. As it appeared, rice seeds usually accumulate in themselves large amounts of arsenic most of which part remains in its pulp in the form of inorganic compounds, but is not built in work of cages of this plant. On average, about 70-80% of arsenic get from water to a cereal, and its similar share gets into a body of people and animals at digestion of food. © More than a half of ground waters in India were AP Photo/Altaf Qadri poisonous for людейЧто interestingly, despite very high level of bioavailability of this toxin, Zhou and his colleagues recorded very wide spacing in these indicators. What it is connected with, biologists cannot precisely tell yet, but they assume that these distinctions were generated by how different grades of rice interact with compounds of arsenic. All this as researchers consider, says that the authorities of the countries of Asia and also other states where rice



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