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Scientists told, than the abandoned uranium mines - RIA Novosti, 05.12.2018 are dangerous

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. The mysterious epidemic of heart troubles and problems with lungs which struck tribes of Navajos from the South of the USA was connected with dust from the abandoned uranium mines. The ecologists who published article in the Environmental Science & Technology Letters.© AP Photo/Jim MacMillan magazine Scientists came to such conclusion proved that "the syndrome of war in Iraq" is a real disease "We found out that the uranium dust getting into lungs is absorbed by immune cages and together with them extends on all organism. All this says that regulators need to check carefully all mines" — scientists write. Uranium, as well as many other heavy metals, not only is radioactive, but also is toxic. Its connections and nanoparticles can collect in a liver, lungs, kidneys and other bodies that leads to mass death of cages in them, to breakage of their DNA and development of serious illnesses. What is interesting, before the war in the Persian Gulf and intervention of NATO to Yugoslavia neither society, nor scientists paid special attention to this property of uranium. Subsequently it turned out that poisoning with this metal is approximately a million times more dangerous, than the radiation developed by it – there will be enough all gram of uranium to kill the average person.© Foto: Scientific Emlyn Hughes: нормыЭто gave radiation level on Bikini Atoll to disappearance of the grown poor uranium from tooth seals, a covering of planes and other "civil" objects still above, and to huge number of claims from the ecological organizations and injured civilians to the American military and mining corporations. Gayan Rubasinghege from Institute of technologies and mining in Sokorro (USA) and his colleagues opened one more channel of penetration of uranium into a human body, investigating unusual history from life of the State of New Mexico. © Physics AFP 2018/Pool/Toru Hanai: accident on Fukushima led to emission radioactive nanochastitsmestny Navajos as scientists note, several decades complain of frequent cases of development of diabetes and also problems with work of lungs and heart, the reasons of what were not clear for physicians and Indians. Ecologists noticed that most often those groups of "the first people" of America which lived near so-called "Grant's belt" – a special corner of their reservations where in the middle of the last century uranium fields were actively developed faced similar problems. Hundreds of mines built in this part of New Mexico in 1948 were closed at the end of 1970 after at miners cancer tumors began to develop in large quantities. These mines as scientists note, were actually thrown and left to the mercy of fate without due preservation and elimination of all leak of the radioactive materials.© AP Photo/Sergiy Gaschak Scientists for the first time traced the wolf who ran away from the Chernobyl area of an otchuzhdeniyaotvala of "empty" breed and mines as scientists assumed, can develop huge amounts of radioactive and toxic uranium dust which can get in орг



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