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Scientists have told why women suffer from migraine more often - RIA Novosti, 8/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — RIA Novosti. Women more often than men suffer from migraines because the nervous cages causing pain become more active in the presence of estrogen female sex hormone. The scientists who have published article in the Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences.© Fotolia/Junial Enterprises magazine the Russian scientists have come to such conclusion have opened hereditary roots of migraine" Now we are going to carry out preclinical tests on the volunteers who aren't suffering from similar headaches. If these experiences come to the end successfully then we will come very close to creation of the personalized means for treatment of migraine" — Antonio Ferrer-Montiel from Miguel Hernandez's University in Elche (Spain) has said. Migraine is considered a neurologic disease most of which characteristic symptom — strong and painful attacks of pain in one half of the head. The reasons can be the most different — a physical overstrain, food, weather factors, lack of a dream and many other things. As a rule, women suffer from migraine more, than men. Sometimes migraine is preceded by so-called aura — the temporary deterioration in perception of reality which is shown in turbidity of sight, hallucinations, catalepsy or in the form of problems with the speech. The last researches show that the predisposition to migraine is in many respects connected with the device of some genes including those sites of DNA which are responsible for reaction of an organism to cold. Ferrer-Montiel and his colleagues have encountered unexpectedly simple explanation why women suffer from similar pains much more often. Scientists have analysed as various hormones and other substances influence health of carriers of migraine. © the Pepper plaster has helped scientists to find out Fotolia/Maridav why arises мигреньДля it it was necessary to study tens of scientific works which authors watched health of several thousand men and women suffering from migraine and made experiments on rats and other animals. As the biologist tells, interested his team as various alarm substances which are present at an organism of women and men in unequal quantities influence work of the receptors of TRPV1 distinguishing cold and warmly and which are, presumably, tied with development of migraine. Analyzing these data, scientists have noticed that many women noted easing or the termination of migraine when they had failures in periods or the menopause began. This observation has forced authors of article to check whether estrogen, the main female sex hormone, can be connected with violations in work of so-called trigeminal nerve ganglions, one of the main centers of migraine. For this purpose scientists have compared how receptors TRPV1 and nervous cages reacting to estrogen have been distributed on a brain. As it has appeared, many of them coincided, and the most part of such neurons was in trigeminal knots. © Fotolia/kieferpix Scientists have opened unusual communication between a depression and head bolyamiet nervous cages as scientists explain, become бо



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