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Scientists have told why men shouldn't wear the fitting pants - RIA Novosti, 8/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Aug – RIA Novosti. Physicians have found the next certificates that briefs and other fitting pants have negative effect on work of genitals of men, worsening quality of sperm. Conclusions of scientists have been presented in the Human Reproduction.© Fotolia/mangostock magazine Scientists: one of components of plastic causes infertility in men" our observations show that many married couples can get rid of problems with conception of the child, having just replaced pants with more convenient and less "hot" versions of this part of men's clothes" — Lidia Minguez-Alarcon from Harvard University (USA) tells. By the current estimates, about 10-15% of married couples in the western countries aren't capable to continue a sort because of infertility of one of two "halves". Contrary to the standard representations, the share of infertile men and women is approximately equal, and the most part of infertile men and women loses fertility at the age of 40-55 years. The biological reasons of development of infertility in most cases remain unknown because of complexity and small study of those genetic mechanisms which operate production of ova and spermatozoa. In recent years the frequency of development of infertility in economically developed countries of the West and Asia has considerably grown that scientists connect with a set of social and natural factors, including with noticeable deterioration in ecology. Minguez-Alarcon and her colleagues have opened extremely unusual thing connecting this epidemic of male infertility with fashion, watching health of six hundred family men who were unsuccessfully trying to start the child in the last two decades. © Depositphotos/evgenyataman Scientists have opened unusual communication between fast food and to a besplodiyemvsa they have asked for the help in clinics of Boston where authors of article have met them and have suggested to participate in their experiment. In his framework scientists estimated quality of sperm, looked for the possible mutations preventing conception of the child and analyzed other factors influencing production of gametes. Analyzing data, physicians have noticed unusual regularity – their patients wearing usual boxer shorts in general possessed more "qualitative" sperm, than their peers preferring briefs and other fitting clothes. It, in particular, was shown that their semen was more dense and comprised 17% more cages. Trying to understand what it is connected with, Minguez-Alarcon and her colleagues have compared how genitals and the related regions of a brain worked for those and other men. As it has appeared, the organism of fans of tight pants developed big amounts of the "women's" FSH hormone stimulating production of gametes. © Every eighth woman suffers from Fotolia/oneblink1 from infertility, declare ученыеЭто means that their testicles didn't cope with the tasks and developed not enough number of "preparations" of spermatozoa that the brain tried to correct, throwing out additional portions of FSH in blood. What these violations are connected with, it isn't clear yet, however scientists assume,



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