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Scientists have told about advantage of feeding by a breast for mothers - RIA Novosti, 8/22/2018

MOSCOW, 22 Aug – RIA Novosti. Feeding by a breast considerably reduces risk to catch a stroke and other diseases of blood system of a brain after approach of a menopause, it is told in article published in the JAHA.© Depositphotos/AntonLozovoy magazine Scientists have told how feeding by a breast protects health of women" In the past, our colleagues already noted that feeding by a breast reduces chances of development of breast cancer and genitals and also diabetes. We have shown that the similar strategy of behavior of mothers protects them from development of the heart troubles and other problems connected with blood system" — Lisette Jacobson from the university of Kansas in Wichita (USA) has said. Before the beginning of the 20th century almost all children on Earth ate breast milk of mother in the first six months of the life. The situation has changed in the middle of last century when the first dry mixes and substitutes of maternal milk have appeared, and now only 40% of children receive similar "diet", and in the USA, the countries of Europe and Russia their share makes from 1 to 10%. On the other hand, researches of the last years show that breast milk and the act of feeding bears the mass of advantage for children – it improves work of immune system and normalizes intestinal microflora of babies, raises their IQ in the future and does them more adapted for life. In addition, recently scientists have found out that feeding of the child a breast for 6 months considerably reduces probability of development of diabetes, breast cancer, other malignant tumors and many other diseases at mothers. © RIA Novosti / Ilona Golovina Scientists called the main lack of all substitutes молокаЯкобсон and her colleagues have disclosed one more positive property of feeding by a breast, watching for the last 20 years life about 80 thousand pregnant women living or recent in the USA. Comparing stories of their diseases and whether they nursed children, physicians tried to find out how this "unmodern" practice influences health of women. In total, about a half of women at least once nursed the child, and about a quarter did it of them for six and more months. Similar care of the child as it has appeared, strongly influenced not only chances to catch breast cancer, ovaries or diabetes, but also on probability of development of a stroke. On average, the women nursing children became 23% more rare victims of strokes and other problems with blood circulation of a brain that was especially brightly shown among those ladies who fed the children more than half a year. © RIA Novosti / Belief of Kostamo Eksperta: feeding of children a breast up to 2-3 years can protect from ракаКак scientists note, these observations don't allow to understand yet what is the reason here and that – the investigation. It is quite possible that more responsible mothers watching over the health tried to improve as much as possible life to the children, refusing dairy mixes. On the other hand, considering all other pluses, feeding by a breast will damage to nobody if for this purpose there is an opportunity. "If you



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