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Scientists have opened the mysterious channels connecting a brain and bones of a skull - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. Biologists from Harvard have opened the unusual channels tying marrow in the thickness of a skull with brain tissues that can explain how immune cages get in him at development of inflammations. Their conclusions have been presented in the Nature Neuroscience.© magazine of the Photo: Kari Alitalo Scientists have found "rear entrance" in an antimicrobic board of a brain "We plan to study how these channels influence development of Alzheimer's disease, strokes, a hypertension and other illnesses connected with inflammatory processes. Besides, they can be used for direct delivery of drugs in a brain" — Mathias Nahrendorf from Harvard University (USA) notes. Our brain is isolated from all other organism by a so-called gemoentsefalichesky barrier (GEB) — a dense bed from the special cages-astrotsitov which are surrounding all blood vessels of a brain and doing not pass in him nothing except oxygen and nutrients. As scientists explain, this barrier isn't a monolithic wall, and set of peculiar cages - "bricks" between which there are small channels, so-called dense contacts. Recently biologists have found out that these contacts can extend under certain conditions and help a brain to clean themselves from "garbage". Nahrendorf and his colleagues have accidentally opened one more possible "rear entrance" for penetration of infections or immune cages into a brain of the person, studying as the immunity of mice reacted to various forms of the strokes caused surgical or chemical by.© Fotolia/ktsdesign Scientists have found bacteria in a brain of people with Altsgeymerayego's disease team as the biologist notes, interested that from where little bodies undertake, the first reacting to damage of vessels and a cerebral hemorrhage. For the answer to this question they have entered into different parts of marrow where neutrophils, immune cages of "quick response", special paint which has forced them to shine in different flowers are formed, and have tracked their migrations. Much to astonishment of Nahrendorf, the first not the immune little bodies created in tibiae, main "factory" of similar cages, and their "cousins" who have arisen in skull bones have got into the damaged vessels of a brain of mice. Something similar was considered earlier as impossible as biologists believed that the cages arising in a skull have no opportunity to filter through GEB and to get in a brain. Trying to understand how it happened, authors of article have studied structure of border between a skull and its interiors in detail. "We have considered skull bones from all possible corners, trying to understand how neutrophils could get in a brain. Unexpectedly we have found a set of the microscopic channels directly connecting bone and a brain" — Nahrendorf continues. Further observations of these channels have shown that cages move through them only when in a brain the infection develops or his vessels are damaged during strokes. In other cases neutrophils get not into a brain, and into the vessels feeding bones



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