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Scientists have opened the mantises hunting fish - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Sep – RIA Novosti. Biologists have found in India extremely unusual population of mantises who hunt not other insects, and on much larger catch – the small fishes who are swimming up close to the surface of the rivers and lakes. His description has been presented to Journal of Orthoptera Research.© Burrows et al. / Current Biology 2015 Biologists have for the first time filmed with the camera jumps of the fastest insects in the world "It seems that mantises are able to remember where production of a certain type, especially that which can be caught easily that helps them to survive and forces them to come back to "fish places" meets. The subsequent observations will show, whether so it or not" — Roberto Battiston from the Museum of the valley of Brent (Italy) notes. Mantises belong to number of one of the largest predatory insects existing on Earth. They hunt not only invertebrate animals, but also lounge-lizards, frogs and birds. These insects are especially interesting what females can eat the gentlemen during pairing, stocking up with proteins for the future posterity. Males of many species of mantises have developed difficult behavioural strategies which with different degree of success force a female to perceive them as the marriage partner, but I don't go. Battiston and his colleagues have opened group of mantises with extremely unusual diet, investigating a case about which they were told by one of residents Karnataka in India who has constructed a small garden and a pond on a roof of the house. The amateur gardener, as scientists note, tried to breed small fishes guppies and other living creatures in this pond which he has decorated previously with water-lilies and other plants whose leaves have carpeted a reservoir dense of greens. © Engineers from the USA have found out AFP 2018/Str how it is possible to create "a flea from the Lefthander" After a while the owner of a reservoir has noticed that in his garden rather large wood mantis (Hierodula tenuidentata), days sitting on a surface of leaves in a pond was got. After his emergence number of small fishes in a pond the beginning promptly to decrease that as the gardener has found, it has been connected with the fact that the insect purposefully caught and ate them. He has reported about it to authors of article, and they have spent the next five days, watching behavior of an invertebrate predator. Scientists initially doubted his statements – eyes of mantises aren't adapted for "water hunting" and they aren't familiar with habits of the guppy and other fishes. All this as it has appeared, didn't prevent a mantis to catch and eat quietly fish. He used that the surface of a pond has been covered with leaves of water-lilies on which it was convenient to him to trap the guppy, and waited when curious fish swims up to a water surface, having confused a shadow of a mantis with a mosquito, a fly or other insect. © Photo: Scientists designated Sam Fabian the most exact and sharp-sighted predator on Zemlez five days of observations the mantis has managed to eat nine fishes at once, devouring two inhabitants of a pond every evening. As Battiston notes if other wood mantises behave in this way near natural reservoirs, they can Nan



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