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Scientists have opened the body which is looking younger at approach of an old age - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep – RIA Novosti. Observations of life of elderly mice have discovered the interesting fact – their skin heals cuts and other wounds quicker and "more qualitatively", than at young individuals. The biologists who have published article in the Ageing magazine Cell Reports.© Fotolia/VadimGuzhva have come to such conclusion it is impossible to win the principle, matematikikletka of a germ say and embryonic stem cells are actually immortal from the point of view of biology – they can live almost beyond all bounds long in the adequate habitat and share unlimited number of times. Contrary to it, cells of a body of the adult gradually lose ability to share through 40-50 cycles of division, entering an aging phase that presumably reduces chances of development of cancer. Why do cages do it? As today scientists consider, in the similar way of a cage protect themselves and an organism in general from development of cancer, stopping division when the probability of development of mutations in their genome reaches some critical point. Decrepitation of a body, in turn – the side effect from this process connected with accumulation of "aged" cages in bodies. Thomas Leung from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (USA) and his colleagues have opened a big exception of this rule, watching how skin of young and elderly mice heals small cuts and as their cages behave at emergence of similar damages. "Plastic surgeons and dermatologists often notice that scars arise on skin of elderly people less often, however the reasons and mechanisms of this unusual phenomenon remained a riddle for us. The understanding of why it occurs, will open the road for creation of technologies of regeneration of skin" — Leung notes. For the answer to this question scientists have arrived unusually. They "have sewed" the blood systems of two mice – an elderly and young rodent, and have tracked that what work of the genes and alarm molecules which are present at their skin has exchanged most strongly and as these changes have influenced process of regeneration when piercing a hole in their ears.© of Fotolia/decade3d Biologists have rejuvenated a mouse, having repaired "the center of aging" in her mozgeprokalyvaniye of an ear of the "ordinary" young mice who aren't connected to aged companions led to formation of cicatricial fabric at edges of a wound and to formation of constant "hole" in their sink. If they were "connected" to the blood system of elderly rodents, it didn't occur – an opening slowly, but dragged on and damage completely disappeared. The reason of it as have found Leung and his colleagues, was the fact that blood of young mice contained large amounts of the substance SDF1, the special alarm molecules answering how earlier biologists considered for regeneration of a liver, kidneys and some other bodies. This protein is practically absent in an organism of elderly rodents as his work is blocked by changes in structure of a cover of DNA containing "instructions" for synthesis by SDF1, and hyperactivity of a gene of EZH2 operating drawing similar tags on a proteinaceous wrapper of DNA. His shutdown in klt



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