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Scientists have opened one more negative consequence of smoking - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. Abuse of tobacco not only increases probability of development of lung cancer, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but also considerably reduces activity of immunity. The biologists who have published article in Journal of Endodontics.© Depositphotos/belchonock Scientists have come to such conclusion have connected loss of hearing with smoking "It can explain why many smokers suffer from caries and other diseases of a mouth and why their gums heal more slowly, than at non-smoking people. Imagine that proteins the TNF alpha and hBD-2 play a role of the last line of defense in the lock. Smoking "kills" them still before they manage to engage" — Anita Aminoshariae from the university of Keys-Vestern-Reserve in Cleveland (USA) has said. According to World Health Organization, on Earth there are about 1,1 billion smokers. Their most part lives in developing countries and the states of transitional type. The last researches of the British physicians have shown that about 60% of smokers prematurely die because of hobby for tobacco, but not for other reasons. In recent years scientists have begun to notice that smoking considerably accelerates aging and contributes to the development of deafness. Similar opening have forced scientists to study more in details various negative collateral factors connected with passive or active smoking.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank Obesity, deafness, cancer, the stroke and other consequences of a kureniyaaminoshara and its colleague have opened one more negative and at the same time an unexpected consequence from hobby for cigarettes, studying how tobacco smoke influences a pulp and other tissues of tooth. For this purpose scientists have brought together group of seven tens volunteers suffering from the started caries forms and have suggested them to undergo treatment in clinic of the university. A half of volunteers smoked whereas other participants of experience never touched cigarettes. When doctors deleted a nerve, biologists collected samples of the healthy and damaged pulp and analyzed what hormones and squirrels contain in fabric. "Initially we expected to see that smokers will have a level of the certain alarm substances connected with work of immunity slightly less, than at other people. To our surprise, not just there were few these "defensive" molecules, they in general were absent in a tooth pulp" — the biologist.© of Fotolia/sharaku1216 continues Scientists have opened unusual communication between smoking and bad health стариковК to an example, in tooth tissue of smokers there were almost no protein molecules a TNF alpha – one of the most important stimulators of activity of immune cages which is responsible for start of inflammations and transfer of immunity to "emergency rule". The same way, their teeth comprised very small amounts of two other alarm molecules – beta дефенсина 2 and beta дефенсина 3, responsible for fight against microbes. Similar distinctions as scientists note, can explain why smokers suffer from severe forms пу approximately twice more often



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