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Scientists have opened communication between droughts and murders of the Roman emperors - RIA Novosti, 8/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Aug – RIA Novosti. Severe droughts were main "murderers" of the Roman emperors as they deprived of their support of "security officers" — army and praetorians. About it climatologists and historians write in article published in the Economics Letters.© magazine RIA Novosti / Andrey Maximov to Pass into an image bank Scientists: the climate has stopped invasion of Mongols into Europe in 1242 "Life and prosperity of legionaries in armies of Rome directly depended on how a lot of harvest was made by their farms or locals in those regions where they have been billeted. Respectively, droughts directly influenced them and increased their tendency to mutinies. It, in turn, deprived of emperors of their support and protection, and opened the road for murderers" — Cornelius Christian from Brock's university to Saint Catharines (Canada) has said. In recent years scientists were seriously disturbed by how the climate can influence migrations of people today and as it could influence mankind history in the past. For example, some climatologists consider today that the modern conflict in the Middle East has broken out in 2009 because of a series of droughts and that the wars in Latin America in a dokolumbova have been connected an era with a climatic phenomenon of El Niño and the crop failure generated by him. In addition, recently scientists have found out that last global warming and cold snaps were the cause of decline of Byzantium in 7-8 centuries of our era, the Hellenistic Egypt in 4-3 centuries B.C., and stops of the Mongolian campaign on the West in 1242. Other climatic changes could cause even more serious consequences – destruction of civilizations of Indians of the Maya and the Indian city-states. Christian and his colleagues have disclosed one more interesting regularity of this kind, studying how the climate of the Roman Empire and neighboring states at the time of her blossoming changed. Scientists were interested in how climatic anomalies influenced economic and social life of the state whose army depended on "local" food resources, and the capital – on regular supply of grain from Egypt and other agrarian provinces. © RIA Novosti / Alexey Bogdanovsky Scientists: approach of freezing has brought down Byzantium and has created Halifatz all history of Rome as Christian notes, "the eternal city" the rule 82 emperors, every fifth of whom has died not of an old age or of arrows of enemies of the empire, and of daggers, swords or poison of hitmen, his own praetorians or extensive army of relatives. Similar observations have suggested to scientists an idea that murders of emperors, hunger in armies and climate can be connected among themselves. They have checked this idea, having compared fluctuations in the level of rainfall in the western regions of Europe where there were main forces of army of Rome, with that how unstable was a political situation in the empire. © Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina Vulkany could ruin Ancient Egypt of times of Cleopatra, declare ученыеКак it has appeared, every year droughts I increased probability of murder of the emperor approximately for 11% and probability of a revolt of one or several armies for 13%. Similar communication



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