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Scientists have opened a molecule, the killing most aggressive form of cancer of brain - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. The British scientists have opened the molecule forcing a glioblastoma cage, "McCain's cancer" and other malignant tumors of a brain to destroy itself. Results of experiences on mice have been presented in the Science Translational Medicine.© AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite magazine have found brain cancer In senator John McCain "When we have begun these experiences, we thought that KHS101 will just slow down growth of cages of a glioblastoma. It has turned out that this substance not just prevented them to breed, and forced them "to commit suicide". It is only the first step on very long way to creation of full-fledged drugs, but we hope that in future KHS101 will prolong life to many patients" — Heiko Wurdak from the university of Leeds (Great Britain) has said. Various forms of cancer of head and spinal cord meet very infrequently in comparison with breast cancer, a prostate or intestines, however their rarity is compensated by the fact that actually all from them are extremely aggressive and dangerous to the person. Acquisition of such cancer in most cases leads to fast death of the patient because of difficulties in application of chemotherapy or impossibility of surgical intervention. Brain cancer most often affects children, but not adults. Only on one of several subspecies of these tumors, glioblasty, about 15% of death of cancer among babies are necessary. Still means which could prevent development of these tumors and at the same time not cause mass death of healthy cells of a brain weren't known. Relatively recently scientists have found out that the meadowsweet and some other plants contain the substances capable to suppress this cancer. As Wurdak explains, creation of the medicines capable to destroy cages of a glioblastoma or to slow down their growth, is very strongly limited to the fact that between a brain and blood system there is a barrier interfering penetration of any difficult molecules in nervous system. © Genetics Fotolia/Spectral-Design from Yale have found the mutations causing "McCain's cancer" Eight years ago his team has discovered one substance having such property – the KHS101 hormone forcing "preparations" of neurons to turn into adult cells of a brain. As have shown experiences on rats, it connects to the protein TACC3 operating reproduction of stem cells and blocks his work. It forces them "to mature" and turn into full-fledged neurons. Relatively recently scientists have found out that the activity of this protein is considerably increased in cages of a glioblastoma and some other types of cancer of brain. This opening has suggested to Wurdak and his colleagues an idea that KHS101 can be used for delay of growth of a tumor. They have checked this idea on several tens mice into whose brain they have entered the cultures of cages of especially aggressive forms of a glioblastoma, an astrotsitoma and other malignant tumors of a brain. When cancer "was dug round" in their organism, scientists have divided rodents into two half, a part from which received KHS101 injections, and others – "baby's dummy". Much to astonishment of scientists, this substance not only prevented reproduction of crayfish



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