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Scientists "have groped" traces of new physics in disintegrations of rare particles on a LHC - RIA Novosti, 8/31/2018

MOSCOW, 31 Aug – RIA Novosti. The European and American physics has found potential traces of "new physics" in the data obtained by a LHC during observations of disintegrations of so-called B-mezonov. Their conclusions have been presented to European Physical Journal C.© CERN/LHCb Disintegrations of "penguins" on a LHC have indicated problems of standard physics" Earlier we assumed that at disintegrations of B-mezonov their "splinters" will just scatter and won't interact among themselves at long distances. We have considered a possibility of existence of these interactions and have shown that they can really happen through a phenomenon which we call "the captivated loop" — Danny van Dyk from University of Zurich (Switzerland) tells. The detector LHCb has been created by CERN especially for search of the particles which aren't fitting into Standard model of physics, too heavy to look for them directly. The physicists working at it study behavior of so-called B-mezonov – the unusual particles consisting of a b-quark and some other elementary particle. In the last two years at once several groups of the scientists studying traces of disintegration V-mezonov have found a set of hints that this process can not always be described by means of Standard model of physics. So far any of open phenomena – anomalies in disintegrations neutral strange V-mezonov and their "loaded" fellows and also the unequal frequency of disintegration of the taon and muons generated by them, haven't received the status of discovery because of the insufficient number of the saved-up data. © Photo: press service of NITU "MISIS" of Three hares with one blow: as scientists of CERN will look for "new physics" Van Dyk and his colleagues have found a way to improve their "quality", studying one of options of similar disintegrations during which he V-mezon turns into the kaon comprising a "strange" and one top or lower quark and also couple an electron positron, or their heavier analogs. Analyzing calculations of Standard model, scientists have found out how it is possible to get rid of one of the biggest factors of uncertainty influencing interactions of "splinters" of B-mezona, connected with interaction at once of four quarks. They have considered it in the analysis of data which have been collected by LHCb in recent years. As a result of it the statistical reliability of those deviations which has been recorded at observations of similar disintegrations on a LHC has grown from level in 3,4 sigma (one random error by 400 attempts) up to 6,1 sigma (one mistake on one billion attempts). As a rule, physicists give the rank of "sound opening" at achievement of level in five sigma that means that calculations of van Dyk and his colleagues will be seriously apprehended by scientific community if they are confirmed in the independent way. © Photo: Fermilab of Physics of CERN have found hints on violation of Standard model on the DOLLAR what these anomalies in disintegrations of B-mezonov are connected? As scientists believe, they can be explained with existence of a new elementary particle, analog of the Z-boson which is responsible for transfer of weak interactions. The same boson, according to them, can about



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