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Scientists have found out why the stress kills men more often - RIA Novosti, 8/13/2018

MOSCOW, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. The cellular stress influences men stronger and more often causes in them heart attacks and strokes for the reason that their organism develops few molecules helping to expand vessels. About it biologists write in the Bioscience Reports.© Fotolia/kasto magazine Scientists have found out why oxidizers reduce life "Recently we have found out that concentration of the molecules BH4, was much higher than "assistants" to the enzyme making nitrogen monooxide molecules in an organism of females of the rats suffering from high pressure, but not males. Now we have understood what it is connected with and as it is possible to get rid of it" — Jennifer Sullivan from the University of Augusta (USA) tells. Nitrogen monooxide as today scientists consider, conducts a set of processes in our organism, including expansion and narrowing of vessels, aging, and well influences many other systems of an organism. Input in an organism of a large amount of the substances containing nitrates and other compounds of nitrogen, in certain cases, as show experiences, can even slow down aging of a body and increase life expectancy. Scientists for a long time try to understand what role they is a substance and enzymes producing it can play that men die of heart troubles more often and suffer from more high pressure throughout almost all the life, than the woman. A year ago Sullivan and her colleagues have shown that this is true, experimenting on the rats inclined to development of a hypertension. Observations of them have shown that their organism really develops less molecules NO and reacts to sharp increases in pressure worse, producing less enzymes connected with nitrogen monooxide assembly. © Fotolia/Dan Race Scientific: the bad ecology forces cells of the person starety in an expedited manner the team has tried to find out why it so, watching activity of various genes and proteins in cells of the kidneys which are responsible for production of the most part of the molecules NO in an organism of people and other mammals. As have shown these observations, the speed of assembly of monooxide of nitrogen depended on how there are a lot of "assistants" to enzymes, the so-called molecules BH4, was present in cells of kidneys. Their concentration, in turn, depended on how many oxidizers were in an organism — at their presence BH4 turns into the substance BH2 not capable to accelerate reaction of formation of the molecules NO. Having received similar results, scientists have checked what will occur if to add powerful antioxidant to water which is drunk by males. Literally in several days concentration of BH4 in cells of their kidneys has considerably grown. As a result of it pressure in vessels of males has decreased to the same values, as at females, and remained low until scientists haven't curtailed an experiment. © Geneticists have found out Fotolia/psdesign1 why people live longer than flies and обезьянЧто it is interesting, the similar result could achieve, directly entering additional portions of BH4 into an organism. It is on sale in drugstores as medicine for fight much фенилалан today



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