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Scientists have found out who will win a race between a turtle and a hare - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. The turtle has to win an unconditional victory over a hare in a race from the fable by Aesop due to the endurance if they move all the life. The American biologists who have published article in the magazine Scientific Reports.© Flickr / Mara 1 Cheetah in Iran have come to such conclusion I have run 130 kilometers, migrating between reserves" the Fable by Aesop narrates about a competition between a fast, but not accurate hare and a slow, but purposeful and hardy turtle. Read the fable often are surprised to a victory of a reptile and final morals "more haste less speed". Actually, from the point of view of biology her prize has to surprise nobody" — Adrian Bejan from Duke University in Durham (USA) tells. On Earth there are tens of the animal species capable to run, fly, jump or move in other ways with a speed of the car, plane or other man-made objects which are considered as a speed standard. On the other hand — very slow beings, such as idlers, turtles, koalas and sea horses haven't disappeared and prosper already many millions of years anywhere. It became possible that fast and slow animals occupy different ecological niches and get food differently. As a rule, the last eat more available, but less high-calorie food, and the first — better food which is much more difficult for getting. Differences in a manner of getting of food as Bejan explains, directly influence a manner of movement of animals — slow living beings are forced to move constantly in search of food whereas their "fast" competitors spend the most part of time on the place, saving energy for following "battle march". Similar reasons have forced scientists to check who it will be valid quicker throughout all life and will pass the greatest distance, adjusted for the sizes — constantly migrating turtle or the hare who is carrying out the most part of day in inaction. © RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov to Pass into an image bank Biologists recognized laziness as "the main engine" эволюцииДля it they have created computer model and that, and other participant of a running which considered how examinees spend a lot of energy during the movement and as quickly it is restored and also the mass of other physiological and physical parameters, including weight, density of the environment and other indicators. Using these sets of formulas, biologists have counted who will win the Ezopovy race and also have disclosed the mass of other interesting regularities. For example, they have found out why the fastest flyers among birds and insects differ in the small sizes, and the fastest floating beings, on the contrary, belong to number of the largest inhabitants of depths. Among overland animals the situation was more difficult: the less they were, the quicker could move, but at the same time their endurance began to fall sharply. As have shown calculations of Bejan and his colleagues, the inhabitant of sushi is larger, the more effectively he spends energy for movement. Thanks to it elephants, turtles and others hesitate



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