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Scientists have found out when there was an ancestor of all living beings on Earth - RIA Novosti, 8/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Aug – RIA Novosti. So-called "Onions", the general ancestor of all organisms existing today, has appeared on Earth about 4,5 billion years ago, even before so-called "late heavy bombing". The scientists who have published article in the Nature Ecology and Evolution.© magazine RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov write about it to Pass into an image bank Scientists have found out how the first life on Earth "looked Having united archaeological and genetic data, we have shown that "Onions" of veins at the beginning of Earth history. We assume that he has appeared almost right after Teya, the progenitress of the Moon, has faced our planet. Bacteria and the Archean were divided much later, approximately through one billion years" — Davide Pisani from University of Bristol (Great Britain) tells. The first live organisms have appeared on Earth during an archaean era, and there is no standard point of view yet about how and when life has arisen. Today there are several fossil certificates that microbes already existed in primary ocean of Earth about 3,4 billion years ago, however many scientists consider that life could arise much before this mark. The lack of fossilized remains of bacteria in more ancient breeds forces geologists and biologists to guess about when it could occur. The first try to find traces of the rocks generated by microbes, and the second – "to revive" a genome so-called "Onions". Evolutionists and molecular biologists understand the general ancestor of all modern representatives of life on Earth as this word (Last Universal Common Ancestor, LUCA) whose traces have remained in DNA of all nowadays existing organisms. The first attempts to make his "portrait" have shown that "Onions" of veins not in primary ocean, and at hot springs on the land, and I was ekstremofily. © Photo: Gerald Prins Life could arise in the drying-up pools, declare uchenyeraskryty "Onions" of other features including his age, has demanded considerably great efforts from geneticists as yet they have no opportunity definitely to estimate how mutations in DNA of the first live organisms on Earth quickly collected. Pisani and his colleagues have solved this problem, having united data of archeological excavations, including information on time of emergence of the first "real" ancient microbes, with that information on a genome "Onions" which are now held by evolutionists. For example, the age of the most ancient fossil seaweed leaves 1,56 billion years, and эукариот, cages with the isolated kernel – about 1,61 billion years. These calculations have shown that "Onions" has appeared unexpectedly early in the history of Earth – it couldn't arise later, than 3,9 billion years ago. Most likely, he has arisen right after collision of a germ of our planet and Teyi, "great-grandmother" of the Moon that happened 4,52-4,47 billion years ago. It means that our planet was manned actually all the time her existence.© a science Festival Darwin Pond: professor of MSU has explained why life has arisen on sushepodobny оц



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