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Scientists have found out how the diet influences mood of men and women - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. Transition to the "western" diet does men by uneasier, and the Mediterranean kitchen considerably improves mood of women. About it neurophysiologists write in article of the Nutritional Neuroscience.© AP Photo/Martin Meissner magazine of the Man and woman see the world differently, scientists "to Women have found out more various set of nutrients is necessary to support mood at the high level whereas men don't need it. It can explain why women become more often victims of a depression and disturbing states: in a modern diet there are a lot of calories, but it isn't enough nutrients supporting work of a brain" — Lina Begdache from the Bingkhemtona University in New York tells. In recent years scientists try to understand whether there are physiological, evolutionary or chemical features in work of an organism of women and men or all differences in our behavior are caused by education, hormones and cultural traditions. For example, in December, 2013 the American biologists have found out that some departments of a brain at men interact with each other not as similar regions of nervous system at women and vice versa. A few years ago molecular biologists have found out that they the stronger and weaker sex differently perceive pain, and quite recently neurophysiologists have reported that women see the world a little differently, than men. Begdache and her colleagues have thought of how various roles which traditionally borrowed both men, and the woman before emergence of a modern civilization could influence their food preferences and features in work of a brain. © Scientists have found out Fotolia/Mediteraneo why the depression differently influences men and zhenshchinon have checked this idea, having collected group approximately of six hundred anonymous volunteers of both sexes, and have asked them to pass several opinion polls after change of a diet or other considerable changes in their life. Scientists were interested not only the general style they lives, but also how they ate many concrete products whether they accepted vitamins and nutritional supplements and also various social factors, such as income level and quality of education. Having analysed and having compared these data sets, neurophysiologists have revealed several interesting regularities connecting differences in work of a brain of men and women with their diet. For example, consumption of fast food contributed to the development of various mental disorders that in particular was shown among men. Scientists connect it with the fact that such food doesn't contain enough the nutrients necessary for assembly of alarm molecules in cells of a brain that leads to violations in his work. © Scientists have explained Fotolia/Rido why men egoistichny женщинЧто it is interesting, the lack of nutrients influenced men only in the heaviest and started cases whereas women reacted to their absence more sharply and at rather normal diet. In opinion of Begdache and her colleagues, it is connected with differences in work of a brain at the weaker and stronger sex. As a rule, bark big on



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