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Scientists have found living age-mates of dinosaurs on modern Earth - RIA Novosti, 8/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Aug – RIA Novosti. Modern corals were age-mates of dinosaurs – their ancestors and simbionta have appeared in the Jurassic Period and could endure several mass extinctions of animals at once. The geneticists who have published article in the Current Biology.© Flickr/nyanchew magazine Scientists have come to such conclusion: corals store in themselves traces of World War II and opium wars" Earlier we assumed that modern corals have appeared about 50 million years ago. Our analysis shows that it has occurred much earlier – ancestors of polyps and seaweed have begun to live together at a dawn of an era of dinosaurs, about 160 million years ago. They have endured some of the most powerful cataclysms which were almost completely wiping out them" — Todd LaJeunesse from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) has said. Corals — one of the most ancient and primitive invertebrate beings on Earth whose ancestors have appeared even at the time of Cambrian explosion. Far back in the past they were predators, however today the majority of polyps provides itself with livelihood, "growing up" symbiotic monocelled seaweed. Colonies of these polyps — one of the most sensitive indicators of climate change and ecological reorganizations in ocean waters. The slightest changes in average water temperature, the movements of currents and acidity affect ability of corals to build limy sinks. In particular, warming of water and increase in acidity prevent polyps to take ions of calcium and carbonic acid that destroys their armors and negatively affects durability of reeves. For this reason scientists considered that modern types of corals and their colonies have appeared relatively recently as any serious changes of climate, and especially mass extinctions of animals, had to is strongest to affect polyps and their partners. © Photo: Nori Satoh et al Scientists have for the first time deciphered a genome кораллаЛаджунесс have found out that this idea was wrong, having studied DNA of different types of the seaweed from the sort Symbiodinium living in polyps. Scientists have assumed that they, as well as all corals existing today, occur from one general ancestor. If this is true, small differences in sets of mutations in DNA of modern seaweed "will give" to scientists that time when corals and seaweed have for the first time improved the relations. In parallel biologists studied fossil remains of corals and armors so-called dinoflagellit, monocelled seaweed, presumable ancestors of simbiont of polyps. It has turned out that these seaweed really occurred from one general ancestor and at the same time were incredibly ancient. According to scientists, the first simbionta of corals have appeared about 165 million years ago, at the beginning of the Jurassic Period when their ancestors have endured a peculiar evolutionary explosion.© of REUTERS/Greenpeace/Brett Monroe Garner of the Victim of global warming: white corals of the Big Barrier rifaz the next years of separate evolution as marks out LaJeunesse, differences between these seaweed became so serious that they should be divided not only on отдель



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