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Scientists have found in Spain the seaweed capable to live on Mars - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Sep – RIA Novosti. Biologists have found extremely unusual alga capable to live in dense "brine" of the Martian streams and underground reserves of moisture in one of the salty lakes of Spain. They have told about this opening at the conference of the European planetologichesky community which is taking place this week in Berlin.© NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Biologists have found the bacterium capable to live on Mars "Ability of these microbes-ekstremofilov to survive on Earth in the same conditions which reign on Mars now in geysers, says that they could prosper also on the red planet. It, in turn, indicates also the need of additional protection of Mars against "guests" from Earth, and allows us to think of a terraformirovaniye of Mars by means of similar seaweed" — Felipe Gomez from the Astrobiological center of Spain in Madrid has said. Gomez and his colleagues study several years the most "alien" corners of Earth, such as hollow Danakil in Ethiopia, in hope to find there microbes and the multicellular living beings capable to live and prosper on Mars and also in the oceans of Europe and Enceladus. Gomez and his colleague Rebecca Thombre from College of science, arts and business in Pune (India) have made extremely interesting discovery, studying flora and fauna of the lake Tires located on La-Mantcha's plain in the central part of Spain. © science Festival Darwin Pond: professor of MSU has explained why life has arisen on сушеЭтот a reservoir as scientists note, is broken into several poorly reported parts some of which are sated with a large amount of salt and compounds of sulfur. Similar exotic conditions attract many microbes-ekstremofilov whose colonies paint Tiresa water in exotic reddish-yellow color. Studying their specific and genetic variety, Thombre and Gomez have encountered the first representative of the flora capable to live on Mars and to keep extremely high concentrations of salt in water. The new alga has received the name Dunaliella salina EP-1. © Photo: Felipe Gomez/Europlanet 2020 RI Scientists called a corner of Ethiopia the most "alien" point on Earth "These subspecies dunalliyet – one of the most salt-resistant ekstremofil on Earth. As a rule, microbes can't live in the salted reservoirs for the reason that water begins "to flow" from their cages. The inhabitant of this lake bypasses this problems, developing глицерол and other molecules which create an analog of high concentration of salt in a cage that prevents moisture escape" — Thombre explains. Besides a dunalliyela, scientists have found in Tireza waters of one more potential "colonialist" of Mars – Halomonas gomseomensis microbe also capable to transfer high concentrations of salt. And that, and other inhabitant of the lake as Gomez and Thombre note, can be used not only for a terraformirovaniye of Mars, but also as components of various biotechnological installations on Earth.



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