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Scientists have found in cabbage the substance protecting intestines from cancer - RIA Novosti, 8/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Aug – RIA Novosti. Cabbage, a kohlrabi and broccoli contain the substances normalizing intestinal microflora and protecting him from emergence in him of the microbes contributing to the development of cancer of a direct or thick gut. The scientists who have published article in the Immunity.© Fotolia/Spectral-Design magazine Scientists write about it have opened "duet" of the bacteria directly causing rectum cancer" This opening – a big reason for optimism. We will hardly be able to change the genetic factors contributing to the development of cancer. On the other hand, we can lower their influence, having passed to a diet with the correct amount of vegetables" — Gitta Stockinger from Francis Crick's Institute in London (Great Britain) tells. In recent years scientists have opened several species of microbes, directly mixed or statistically connected with development of cancer in a human body, other animals or in fabrics of plants. For example, bacteria of Heliobacter pylori and Streptococcus gallolyticus are considered as the main helpers of development of cancer of stomach and rectum in the person today, and on roots of plants tumors thanks to their infection of microbes of Agrobacterium tumefaciens and ten other bacteria often develop. Stockinger and her colleagues have found out how it is possible to protect intestines from development of similar forms of cancer, studying how various substances which are contained in food influence work of cells of the most gastrointestinal tract and specific structure of her microflora. Experimenting on mice, biologists have found out that the substance I3C which is present at large numbers in cabbage, broccoli and a kohlrabi slowed down development of already existing tumors and protected healthy rodents from rectum cancer. In addition to it, this connection reduced the level of inflammations and normalized microflora. © Scientists have found out Depositphotos/Vtanovski why elderly people suffer from ракаПытаясь more often to understand with what it has been connected, scientists have grown up tiny similarity of intestines from stem cells of rodents, and have tracked as addition of I3C will change their work. It has turned out that the molecules I3C influenced receptors on a surface of cells of intestines and in a special way changed their behavior at emergence of damages of walls of a gut. These changes concerned behavior of two other groups of cages – various immune little bodies promoting inflammation development and the stem cells participating in repair of microcracks and gaps. High doses of I3C as have shown experiences of scientists, suppressed activity of the first and forced the second to cease to breed and turn into "adult" cells of intestines. Respectively, the lack of I3C has to lead to development of chronic inflammations and uncontrolled division of stem cells that creates ideal conditions for development of cancer. Stockinger and her colleagues have checked, whether so it, having removed AhR gene connected with recognition of these molecules from DNA of several mice. Such rodents not only quicker became victims of cancer, but also almost didn't react to changes in a diet. Upon transition to "cabbage" food they died also often, as well as their relatives, пи



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