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Scientists have found "biocompass" in the opinion of front sights drosophilas - RIA Novosti, 8/31/2018

MOSCOW, 31 Aug – RIA Novosti. Fruit flies use the Sun as a reference point which helps them to move in a straight line and not to fly around in search of water and food, the scientists who have published article in the Current Biology.© magazine of the Photo have found out: J. Roger Brothers Scientists: sea turtles use magnetic "photos" for search of beaches "These front sights are constantly turned around the same plates with house fruit, however by them as it has appeared, tens of kilometers in a straight line can fly by if they live in the desert or in other adverse corners of Earth. We have thought as they manage to make it and as they come back" — Ysabel Giraldo from California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (USA) tells. Many animals, unlike the person, are able to be guided in space, using signs and phenomena, extremely unusual to us. Practically all migratory birds can "see" lines of magnetic field of Earth and be guided on them, and "intercontinental" butterflies monarchs use for this purpose sunlight polarization. Even more interestingly navigation systems of bugs earth-boring dung beetles, moles and turtles work. The first use for this purpose light of the Milky Way, the second – "stereo" - sense of smell, and the third – peculiar "magnetic" photos of islands and beaches where they goggle at light and lay eggs. Giraldo and her colleagues have opened one more interesting example of how animals use similar difficult reference points for navigation, without having at the same time human intelligence, studying one of secrets of the drosophilas living in Mojave Desert. © Photo: Marcus Byrne Scarab beetles use the Milky Way for navigation of a nochyyupochta half a century back as Giraldo notes, zoologists have noticed that desert front sights can fly by on 10-15 kilometers in search of food and water, without dying and without being lost on the way. It has indicated that these insects are able to define the position in space and the direction of the movement, otherwise they just would starve, flying circles on the desert. Recently, according to her, other group of biologists has opened a set of neurons in the head of these front sights similar on structure and the principles of work to those cages which butterflies and bugs use for navigation by means of a stellar light and beams of the Sun. It has suggested to them an idea that drosophilas can be guided the same way. For verification of this theory scientists have created a special cage and "team" for front sights in which the insect could move wings, but at the same time remained on the place. Changing the provision of the bulb imitating light of the Sun, scientists watched where insects tried to fly and as their behavior in different situations changed. As have shown these experiences, front sights really were able to be guided all over the world the Sun, trying to keep him approximately in the same point of their field of vision when "flying" to a feeding trough. If scientists moved a bulb, insects corrected a course of the movement, considering his shift, and continued to fly in a straight line. © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Vyatkin Pereyti in an image bank Biologists



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