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Scientists have chosen the place for landing of first "asteroidokhod" - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

Mikrorover MASCOT in representation of the artist
MOSCOW, 23 Aug – RIA Novosti. The scientific team of the rover MASCOT has chosen the final place for landing of "asteroidokhod" to a surface of an asteroid of Ryugyu that will happen in October of this year, the press service of DLR.© ESA/ATG medialab reports Scientists have told about opening of Fila on Churyumov-Gerasimenko's comet "the Choice of the place for landing was very hard task. On the other hand, now we can tell that we have found the ideal place. This point, MA-9, was the main candidate for a victory in a competition since its beginning" — Ralf Jaumann from the German aerospace center (DLR) has said, the project manager of Mascot.Avtomaticheskaya the Hayabusa-2 station has been started in space at the beginning of December, 2014 for studying and return of tests from an asteroid of Ryugyu. As scientists hope, she will return on the earth the first 100% "clean" tests of primary matter of Solar system. The Japanese device has achieved the objectives at the beginning of June and has begun the long procedure of braking and rapprochement with an asteroid. The soil intake in spite of the fact that "Hayabusa-2" has already reached Ryugyu, will occur absolutely at a distant day. At first the probe has to define situation in an orbit and correct it if there is such need, and then — comprehensively to study structure of a subsoil and a relief of an asteroid. Only after that the interplanetary station will approach a surface of Ryugyu and will dump on her peculiar "thunder flash" which will bare and will throw out untouched material from an asteroid subsoil. "Hayabusa-2" will collect this dust and pebble levitating in a vacuum during the second flight over this point.© of the Photo: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Attempt to land on an asteroid the robot from the probe has come to the end неудачейПомимо it, in October of this year the Japanese probe will lower the mobile device MASCOT created by specialists of DLR on an asteroid surface. This mikrorover will study structure of a subsoil of an asteroid for about two "days" and to watch the magnetic fields surrounding him, using "Hayabusu-2" as a communication system with Earth. A week ago Jaumann and his colleagues have chosen ten possible points of landing of rover located at "equator" of an asteroid and in his middle latitudes where they expect to meet least of all problems. Having discussed pluses and minuses of each of ten zones with the leading planetologists of Earth, the scientific team of a mission has stopped the choice on a point of MA-9 located in the "southern" hemisphere of Ryugyu. Here, as Jaumann notes, almost "terrestrial" conditions dominate – temperatures are about 47 and minus 63 degrees Celsius day and night that considerably will prolong life to rover batteries. In addition, scientists haven't noticed any areas where the shadow or light constantly reigns that will protect MASCOT from the destiny which has comprehended the module of Phil when landing to a surface of a comet of Churyumov-Gerasimenko. © RIA Novosti / Alina Polyanina Uchenye have found out when there were the first "construction blocks" Zemlis of the scientific point of view, the zone MA-9 is interesting to planetologists that there is a large number of the large and small "cobble-stones" convenient for the chemical analysis, and several areas, naked carry



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