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Scientists have checked quantum physics at intergalactic scales - RIA Novosti, 8/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Aug – RIA Novosti. Physics has successfully checked work of the principles of quantum physics, using the "ancient" light generated by three huge black holes in far galaxies. Their conclusions have been presented in the Physical Review Letters.© AP Photo magazine of Physics for the first time have checked quantum physics at interstellar distances "we Will assume that in the Universe there is "plot" thanks to which all unusual properties of the quantum world actually have resulted from work of certain "classical" physical processes. In that case our experiment shows that "conspirators" have arranged his result already 7,8 billion years ago. It is extremely improbable" — Alan Guth has said, the Nobel laureate from Mit.Otkrytiye of the counterintuitive principles of quantum mechanics in 20 years of the last century has forced many physicists including Albert Einstein to suspect that their unusual work is explained by the certain principles and the hidden variables unknown to us which it is possible to describe in language of classical physics. In 1960 there was other explanation of singularity of quantum mechanics stated by the British scientist John Bell. The main argument of Einstein and his supporters was the fact that well-known I called physics "illusive action at distance" – a phenomenon, impossible from the point of view of the theory of relativity, of the fact that the particles connected with each other at the quantum level removed from each other on long distances will change the properties at the same time. In 30 years after a formulation of this paradox of Bell has found a way him experimentally to check, watching the movement and properties of the particles connected at the quantum level and moving widely spaced. For the last 30 years physicists have made a set of experiments which steadily showed that Einstein wasn't right, however it hasn't convinced many sceptics. © Photo: Scientific CERN: the quantum physics has successfully passed the most rigid proverkuprichiny it one simple philosophical argument connected with the Universe nature is in which we live. Einstein's followers have put forward one very difficult and interesting question – as far as we are free in the choice of particles which we use for carrying out our measurements? It is possible that their choice is very limited that creates illusion of "complexity" of conditions of particles which is absent actually. Only a year ago Guth and his colleagues have found a way to check this hypothesis, using as sources of casual particles of light two far stars in the Milky Way. Similar experience has shown that not locality of the quantum world is observed at scales of the galaxy and that the complexity works at huge distances. Having achieved success, the team Guta has made similar experiments, using much farther objects – quasars of QSO B0350−073, QSO J0831 5245 and QSO B0422 004, active kernels of far galaxies in Eridan's constellations, the Lynx and the Taurus. All these huge black holes are removed from Earth on 7-12 billion light years that makes them by age-mates of the first galaxies and stars of the Universe. © Fotolia/Abs



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