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Scientists from the USA have turned a mushroom into the bionic "generator of electricity" - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

Mushroom turned into the electricity generator
MOSCOW, 8 Nov – RIA Novosti. Biologists have turned usual champignons into peculiar "green" generators of electricity, having inserted in their nanoparticle with cyanobacteria and network of nanoelectrodes from decanter threads. Results of field tests of such "live batteries" have been presented in the Nano Letters.© Thor Balkhed magazine Scientists have turned a rose into "the live condenser" of electricity "Grib in this case plays a role very convenient dwellings for these microbes, protecting and feeding them. We have for the first time shown that to people on forces to create hybrid systems, having forced representatives of two different kingdoms of life to enter artificial symbiosis" — Sudeep Joshi from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken (USA) explains. Many live organisms, including plants, microbes and even some animals, can carry out, develop electric current and use it for the own purposes. Scientists for a long time study how they do it, and try to improve these abilities and to adapt them for practical purposes. © Scientists have found out Fotolia/romaset how bacteria - "batteries" carry out elektrichestvka to an example, two years ago the Swedish chemists have turned a usual rose into a peculiar condenser, having impregnated her stalks with solution of the special conducting polymer which isn't stirring plant life. Using similar "live wires", biologists have created the first "vegetable" transistors and have even turned leaves of plants into the peculiar screens changing color at a different tension of current. Joshi and his colleagues have gone further – they have created as scientists say, the first the "bionic organism" capable to produce electricity and consisting of different living beings and several man-made designs. Scientists, as biotechnologists note, for a long time try to adapt various "electric" bacteria, including some blue-green seaweed, for production and storage of energy. The first experiments have shown that it isn't so simple to make it. Microbes were extremely sensitive to adverse living conditions because of what they very quickly perish without continuous updating of their habitat. It occurs, for example, after their disembarkation to the surface of "green" solar batteries. The American researchers have found the witty solution for this problem, having paid attention that ideal conditions for dwelling of similar bacteria can be found on a surface and in the thickness of usual mushrooms. Their pulp contains a large amount of water and nutrients, and in it rather stable conditions protected from influence of external factors.© of the Photo are supported: Zhou et al. / ANL/PNAS have turned the American physics bacteria in live liquid кристаллыРуководствуясь this idea, Joshi and his team "has packed" several colonies of cyanobacteria from the sort Anabaena into special nanoparticles from the conducting polymers interfering their escape and has landed them on a surface of the real and artificial champignons. These bacteria have been distributed for a mushroom in such a way that they were неп



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