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Scientists found out why in business there are no "good people" - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct – RIA Novosti. Kind and decent people extremely seldom occur among successful businessmen for the reason that they become more often bankrupts and appreciate money much less, than more cynical businessmen. The economists and sociologists who published article in magazine JPSP.© Capella International, New Line Cinema (1997) Scientists came to such conclusion are close to opening of why people become angry or kind" We wanted to understand how the appeasable character and failures in financial questions are connected among themselves. In the past, our colleagues already showed that good-natured persons usually have lower wage and obtain less considerable credits, than other people. We checked, whether so it in other areas of finance" — Sandra Matz from the Colombian business school in New York (USA) tells. It is considered that the majority of mammals, except the person and some highest primacies, are not inclined to help the tribespeople and do not support friendly relations out of the pack. In recent years scientists carried out a set of "altruism tests" with participation of a chimpanzee, some other monkeys and also babies and children. The tendency to altruism and mutual aid as today evolutionists consider, was one of the main reasons for success and survival of mankind in the past. On the other hand, success in capitalist economy is achieved in exactly opposite way. Here, as Matz says, "kind are beaten", and win against the most cynical and brutal business practices serving as the base of modern transnational mega-corporations. © RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov to Pass into an image bank Scientists: the egoism was "deadlock" of development from the point of view of эволюцииМатц and her colleagues decided to check whether this proverb is fair and if yes, to understand what the lack of progress at appeasable people in business and the financial sphere is connected with. For this purpose scientists analysed data of several large-scale social polls in which about 10 thousand people and also the database on accounts in banks including information on bankruptcies and a financial position about 2,5 million citizens of Britain participated. Having compared and having united these data, scientists found out that the level of complaisance of this or that British was really connected with a number of economic and financial problems in his life. For example, similar people had less savings, became more often bankrupts at the personal or corporate level, and had more modest profit and revenue, than typical "businessmen". © Photo: Bernardo Niño, Penn State Scientists found a genetic explanation for altruism among a zhivotnykhvsa these problems as showed the analysis of these opinion polls, were connected with the fact that kind and appeasable people appreciate money much less, than other categories of citizens, and consider various social and psychological factors, such as justice or mutual trust, more significant value. "We showed that kindness and trust cost very much to their judges in the modern world. Not always at them е



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